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    Fairy circles

    In this episode, we learn about a theory from researchers at the University of Pretoria that could explain 'fairy circles' in Namibia. The answer may be in a theory proposed by Prof Don Cowan. He explains more in this episode.

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    What do microorganisms do in Antarctica's soil?

    The Dry Valleys of East Antarctica are the most extreme example of polar soils; these valleys are arguably the coldest and driest deserts on Earth. In this episode, Prof Don Cowan explains why these microorganisms are important and what they do in this environment.

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    What lives in desert sand?

    Understanding the ecology of desert soil microbiomes is therefore particularly important for understanding the role of desert ecosystems in a larger global context. In this episode, Prof Don Cowan examines the uniqueness of the Namib desert and explains what lives in the desert soil.

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    South Africans' willingness to contribute to public good

    Research from the University of Pretoria shows that South Africans are more willing to contribute to a cause if they believe that their donation will have a greater impact on society. In this episode we learn how the generosity of South Africans impacts on our lives.

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    COVID-19 Compliance in SA

    Dr Nicky Nicholls and Dr Eleni Yitbarek of UP’s Department of Economics studied beliefs and behavioural preferences as predictors of compliance with regulations aimed at reducing the transmission of COVID-19 in South Africa. Watch this short video to learn more.

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