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    How is malaria transmitted?

    Researchers at the University of Pretoria have investigated Aloe marlothii and found that natural active ingredients in the roots of this aloe species have anti-plasmodial properties.

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    Southern Ocean fact sheet

    Did you know that 70% of the world's freshwater is held in Antarctica's ice? This is just one of the reasons why the Southern Ocean around Antarctica needs urgent protection. Learn more Southern Ocean facts with this infographic.

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    The Timeline to Sgr A*

    Supermassive black holes were predicted by Einstein in 1915. Despite their huge size, they remain unseeable. In an unprecedented international effort, scientists are making them visible.

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    What did it take to bring us the first image of Sgr A*?

    More than 300 researchers and 80 institutions, including the University of Pretoria have collaborated with the Event Horizon Telescope to bring us the first image of Sagittarius A. Learn more about what it took to do this in this infographic

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    Get to know bats better

    Bats are large pollinators, have an impact on our fruit supply and keep pest insect levels down. Learn some interesting facts about bats here.

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    Learn more about stillbirths and how the UmbiflowTM can help prevent them

    There are 2 million stillbirths a year, globally. UP researchers have developed the UmbiflowTM which can help to alleviate this problem by detecting early on if the growth of the foetus is being restricted by measuring the wave pattern of the umbilical artery which indicates the blood flow between the baby and the placenta.

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