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    COVID-19: Are men the weaker sex?

    There are substantial sexual disparities between the outcome of COVID-19 disease in men and women. Numerous studies have confirmed that while there is no difference in the proportion of males and females with confirmed COVID-19, male patients have almost three times the odds of requiring admission for intensive treatment and higher odds of death compared to females.

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    The dark side of the hive

    Most people have a perception that beehives and colonies are perfectly built, and that they are places of industrious labour for the greater good of the colony and a workforce working for the common good. Prof Crewe’s research uncovers the “dark” side of bees.

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    Lightning Facts

    There is a common misconception that most lightning victims are struck directly by a “bolt” of lightning from the sky. But according to Professor Ryan Blumenthal, a senior specialist forensic pathologist at the University of Pretoria, less than 5% of victims are struck by the lightning flash itself;– most lighting-related deaths and injuries occur as a result of other lightning attachment...

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    Smart Cities at UP's Engineering 4.0: The future of smart cities in Africa

    The term Smart Cities might conjure up ideas of robots, flying cars and buildings that know what you want before you do. But according to UP researchers, Smart Cities are cities where there are jobs and food for everyone, different parts of the city work together to make for a better place to live, and these improvements are driven by gathering and using data in the best way possible.

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    Smart Cities at UP's Engineering 4.0: Big data for smart cities - challenges and opportunities

    Researchers at UP's Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, and Information Technology are using computer models and diplomacy to bridge gaps between those who hold the data and those who need it, by making it easy for everyone to talk to each other.

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    Smart Cities at UP's Engineering 4.0: Our future depends on smart African cities

    Smart cities can be used as vehicles for South Africa and the world to move towards a sustainable, smarter future, free from the threats of food security, climate change and inequality.

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