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Indigenous, instant superfood for rural children

Although malnutrition is not as endemic in South Africa as in some other countries of sub-Saharan Africa, it nonetheless continues to be a significant problem...

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Water therapy makes dogs more mobile

Water has long been known to be highly effective in assisting with spinal and orthopaedic recovery as the buoyancy supports the patient and reduces impact on painful joints.

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Ancient giants reveal the realities of climate change

Climate change has been the subject of much debate in recent years, with arguments raging across the globe about what the real causes behind the changes that we are seeing on our planet are.

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Facial screening project to assist with early diagnosis of Down syndrome in African children

Most Western infants born with conditions such as Down syndrome, are diagnosed before or shortly after birth, while their black African counterparts are often only diagnosed at around seven months or older.

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Turn it down! Your music is damaging your hearing

Through his research, Prof Vinck has already been instrumental in the passing of legislation regulating sound exposure at music festivals in Belgium. He feels very strongly that awareness...

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