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Calculus Readiness Test and Preparatory Mathematics Course

Since 2016 our students in the intensive mathematics courses, such as science and engineering, have been writing a Calculus Readiness Test (CRT) during the orientation week. The statistics of the performance of students in WTW158 and WTW114 have been kept and it has become clear that this CRT is a far better predictor for success in the first semester mathematics courses than is the Grade 12 marks.

As an initiative on expanding our Early Engagement with our students we would like to bring the Online Preparatory Mathematics Course to your attention. Please see detail on the attached document.


Please email the following people for enquiries in the stipulated areas


Information regarding credits for subjects passed at other Universities

click here for document download: External transfer student credits 


Prerequisites for subjects, and credits for equivalent subjects passed at UP 

Yollanda Dinga: Maths 1-22

click here for document download: Application to change prerequisites


General and Academic Advice

John van den Berg: Maths 1-24.1

Mokhwetha Mabula: Bot 2-5

  • General advice regarding structure of degree programs and choice of electives
  • Subject choice advice
  • Advice on degree changes
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