2022 IE Projects Evening Webinar

Posted on November 16, 2022

The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering held its third Projects Evening Webinar on Thursday, 10 November 2022. This prestigious event showcased some of the best final-year projects of 2022. We are proud to mention that the event had good attendance with about 188 participants.

Mr Eckhardt Horstmann, the Master of Ceremonies (MC) for the evening, extended a warm and enjoyable welcome to all the guests and participants. The baton was then passed to Mrs Tsholofelo Malatji, who introduced the evening's star students. Thank you to Mr Horstmann and Mrs Malatji, Project Donors, as well as all the Industry Partners who sponsored the project topics for 2022. 
The first round of selections consisted of fourteen participants. From these fourteen participants, the final six students were selected to present. These presenter finalists were (in no particular order): Nicole Robertson, Travis Brand, Almira Abdool-Samad, Henning van Aswegen, Wicus Robbertse, and Genevieve Loubser.
*Please click here for the full program*
Presentations by the first three students:
Presenter Project Topic
Nicole Robertson The analysis, design and evaluation of SpeedSpace's enterprise resource planning system
Travis Brand Optimization of the inventory management policies and facilities layout of a pet food manufacturing company
Almira Abdool-Samad Vehicle routing for small parcel delivery with greenhouse gas emission penalties


A 10-minute interval followed, during which Ms Elizabeth Olivier and Ms Tarryn Loots got to briefly chat to all the presenters and  play a fun quiz. Thank you to Ms Olivier and Ms Loots for the interactive and entertaining interval.

Presentations by the second group of (three) students followed:
Presenter Project Topic
Henning van Aswegen Development plan for the future expansion of urban vertical farming
Wicus Robbertse An incentivization solution to improve transactional revenue in an open banking
Genevieve Loubser Improving the efficiency of the compressor repair service for an air-conditioning company


Prof Sarma Yadavalli, Head of the IE Department, proceeded to announce the 2022 IE final year project winners in the following Categories:
Category 1: Best Project Poster
Category 2: Best Project Document 
Category 3: Best Project Presentation
The top three students in Category 1, Best Project Poster  were:
*Click on the name to view poster*
We would like to thank and congratulate the student winners and also extend our appreciation to the poster-panel who selected the winners: Prof Olufemi Adetunji, Dr Michael Ayomoh and Mrs Ilse Doyer.
The top three students in the 2nd Category, Best Document adjudicated by Dr Pieter Conradie were:
  • 3rd place: Astrid Burgess
  • 2nd place: Mia Gerryts
  • 1st place: Henning van Aswegen

Thank you Dr Conradie for taking the time and effort to adjudicate the project documents.

In Category 3, Best Project Presentation, the top three students were selected by a panel of adjudicators and the winners were:
  • 3rd place: Genevieve Loubser
  • 2nd place: Travis Brand
  • 1st place: Henning van Aswegen
We would also like to extend our gratitude to Prof Johan W. Joubert for composing a short and enjoyable video of the IE Department's highlights for 2022.
In conclusion, Prof Yadavalli announced that Prof Johan W. Joubert was leaving the University of Pretoria to take up an opportunity in Europe. Prof Yadavalli further thanked Prof Joubert for his hard work, diligence, passion for academia and research, as well as 20 years of service to the IE Department.  
We would like to thank and congratulate the students for their participation in presenting, and also extend our appreciation to the panel of adjudicators: Mr Wessel van Heerden, Mr Stanley Macmillan, Dr Dino Petrarolo, Mr Freddy Tshikala, Dr Carin Tredoux and Mr David Crewe-Brown.
Comprehensive list of Final-year Project Titles is published on this website, please click on the linked text.
The evening concluded with the option to attend the Breakaway Room sessions, where students could engage with various companies.
We would like to thank the following companies for their continuous support towards the Projects Evening, and for creating networking opportunities to the studentsPragma, Adcorp, Quinxi, FNB, Multi-Media, Bidvest International Logistics and DSV
A special Word of Thanks to everyone involved who ensured the success of the Webinar:
  • The selected six Presenters
  • Head of Department: Prof Sarma Yadavalli
  • Projects Evening Coordinator: Prof Marné de Vries
  • Master of Ceremonies: Mr Eckardt Horstmann
  • Presenter Introductions: Mrs Tsholofelo Malatji
  • Presentation Adjudication Facilitators: Prof Olufemi Adetunji and Dr Makoena Sebatjane
  • Poster Adjudication Panel: Prof Olufemi Adetunji, Dr Michael Ayomoh and Mrs Ilse Doyer
  • Module Assistant: Ms Shané Swanepoel
  • Project Title Page: Dr Wilna Bean
  • IE Staff
  • Administration: Mrs Hanli Helm and Ms Bonolo Mokoka
We would like to thank the parents, supervisors, and external examiners for guiding the students to success, and all the Industry Partners, Alumni, UP Staff and Students who attended the Webinar.
The feedback received from the IE community was extremely positive.
Finally, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Multi-Media Event Trading for hosting this Webinar.



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