Activities of the industrial engineer

The Industrial Engineer is involved in activities such as:

  • The planning, design and implementation of manufacturing processes and equipment.
  • The design and management of a program for quality improvement and control.
  • The development and implementation of performance measurement standards.
  • The planning and execution of a program aimed at productivity improvement.
  • The management and control of a new technology development program.
  • The design and operation of a material requirements planning system.
  • The development of mathematical models for the analysis of systems.
  • The design of a manufacturing plant and the associated plant layout.
  • The evaluation of system reliability, availability and maintainability.
  • The selection of appropriate technology, processes and equipment.
  • The co-ordination of the activities of an engineering team.
  • The design and implementation of an information system.
  • The design and operation of a materials handling system.
  • The operation and management of a production process.
  • The analysis of financial investment opportunities.
  • The planning and control of production facilities.
  • The design and operation of a simulation model.
  • The execution of economic feasibility studies.
  • The economic evaluation of alternatives.
  • The management of a distribution system.
  • The determination of user requirements.
  • The financial planning of a project.
  • The calculation of production cost.
  • The control of a planning project.
  • The integration of a system.
  • The scheduling of activities.

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