Profile of an industrial engineer

Which abilities are required to become a successful Industrial Engineer?
Which personality and intellectual characteristics are required?
Are you a candidate for training as an Industrial Engineer?
Why is Industrial Engineering the career for you? 

The hoice of a career is without doubt one of the most important decisions that needs to be taken by any person during his or her lifetime. It is a decision, which often has to be based on relatively incomplete and uncertain information, but the consequences have an influence on the rest of one's life. A correct career choice is therefore very important but at the same time difficult and risky. Industrial Engineering can accommodate a very wide range of personalities and fields of interest and provides for a great variety of types of employment including self-employment. The choice of Industrial Engineering as a career is therefore in this respect relatively safe.

A successful Industrial Engineer (student) will probably possess most (but not necessarily all) of the following desired characteristics, aptitudes and fields of interests. He or she -

  • Is people oriented.
  • Is capable of creative thinking.
  • Is capable of a global perception.
  • Finds it challenging to motivate people.
  • Finds routine work boring but is interested in detail.
  • Has an interest in and aptitude for mathematics and science.
  • Enjoys working with people and to encourage them to work in a team.
  • Enjoys challenges, the identification and solving of new and non-standard problems.
  • Is capable of creating abstract ideas and implement these ideas in practice.
  • Is capable of integrating various activities into one final successful unit.
  • Finds the planning and organisation of activities challenging.
  • Has a proficiency in both written and verbal communication.
  • Enjoys participating in goal oriented projects.
  • Is oriented toward the solution of problems.
  • Possesses an analytical thought process.
  • Is business or commercially oriented.
  • Has an above average intellect.

If you want work satisfaction, are interested in contributing to the prosperity of the individual and thus the community, want a career which never needs to be boring or monotonous, have a wide field of interest, excel in mathematics and science, enjoy challenges and solving technical problems, appreciate the value of money and enjoy working with people then Industrial Engineering is an appropriate career for you.


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