Research Focus Areas

Research Focus Area


Research Methodology
  1. Qualitative
  2. Quantitative
Dr Anne Crafford
Dr.Sumari O’Neil
Prof Arien Strasheim
Organisational Behaviour and Employee Relations
  1. Work / life balance
  2. Leadership
  3. Abusive leadership / management
  4. Talent Management
  5. Subjective Career success
  6. Psychological ownership
  7. Psychological contract
  8. Work identity
  9. Social desirability and impression management
  10. Resilience
Ms. Blessing Chabaya
Dr Anne Crafford
Prof Jenny Hoobler
Dr Herbert Kanengoni
Prof Eileen Koekemoer
Prof Alewyn Nel
Prof Chantal Olckers
Dr Sumari O’Neil
Ms. Daphne Pillay
Prof Karel Stanz
Psychometrics and Assessment
Prof Alewyn Nel
Prof Chantal Olckers
Prof Pieter Schaap
Prof. Arien Strasheim
Cross-Cultural Psychology and Diversity Management
  1. South African Personality Inventory
  2. Social identity
  3. Gender diversity
Prof Nasima Carrim
Prof Jenny Hoobler
Prof Alewyn Nel
Higher Education
  1. Supervision
  2. Student engagement
  3. Student well-being
Dr. Herbert Kanengoni
Dr. Sumari O'Neil
Prof. Chantal Olckers
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