Recent Research Outputs

Peer-reviewed published articles:

  • Becker, J., Meiring, D., & Van der Westhuizen, J. H. (2019). Investigating the construct validity of an electronic in-basket exercise using bias-corrected bootstrapping and Monte Carlo re-sampling techniques. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 45, 1-17.
  • Blevin, D., Sauerwald, S.Hoobler J. M., & Robertson, C. (2019). Gender differences in Pay Levels: An Examination of the Compensation of University Presidents. Organisation Science, 30(3), 600-616.
  • Carrim, N. M. H. (2019). Minorities' experiences of workplace gossip. South Africa Journal of Industrial Psychology, 45(1), 1-10.
  • Carrim N. M. H. (2019). Vicarious education, dialogue education and self-efficacy among Indian female students in a diversity Management Course. Africa Education Review, 16(5), 29-46.
  • Carrim, N. M. H. (2019). The In-Betweeners: Racio-Ethnic and Masculine Identity Work of Indian Male Managers in the South African Private Sector. The Journal of Men's Studies27(1), 3-23.
  • Chrobot-Mason, D., Hoobler. J. M., & Burno, J. (2019). Lean in Versus the literature: An evidence-based examination. Academy of Management Perspectives, 33(1), 110-130.
  • Koekemoer E., & Crafford, A. (2019). Exploring subjective career success using the kaleidoscope Career Model. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 45, 1-11.
  • Koekemoer, E., Fourie, H. L. R., & Jorgensen L. (2019). Exploring Subjective Career Success Among Blue-Collar Workers: Motivators That Matter. Journal of Career Development, 46(3), 314-331.
  • Masterson, C., & Hoobler, J. M. (2019). Domestic Employment: Making visible an Invisible Relationship. Journal of Management Inquiry, 28(3), 354-358.
  • Morton, N., Hill, C., Meiring, D., & De Beer, L. T. (2019). Investigating the factor structure of the South African Personality Inventory– English version. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 45, 13.
  • Morton, N., Hill, C., Meiring, D., & Van de Vijver, F. J. R. (2019). Investigating measurement invariance in the South African Personality Inventory: English version. South African Journal of Psychology, 0081246319877537.
  • Nkomo, S. M., Bell, M. P., Roberts, L. M., Joshi, A., & Thatcher, S. M. (2019). Diversity at a critical juncture: New theories for a complex phenomenon. Academy of Management Review, 44(3), 498-517.
  • Olckers C, & Van Zyl. L. (2019). Psychometric properties of the Psychological Ownership Questionnaire. Australian Journal of Psychology, 71, 127-136.
  • Park H, Hoobler, J. M., Wu, J., Liden R., Hu, J., & Wilson, M. (2019). Abusive Supervision and Employee Deviance: A Multifoci Justice Perspective. Journal of Business Ethics, 158, 1113-1131.
  • Schaap, P. (2019). Explicating the South African Psychological Ownership Questionnaire's confirmatory factor analysis model fit: A Bayesian structural equation modeling approach. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 45, aa1643.
  • Van Zyl, L, & Olckers, C. (2019). The Mental Health Continuum-Short Form in Organisational Contexts. European Journal of Mental Health, 14(2), 230 - 259.
  • Wassermann, A., Meiring, D., & Becker, J. R. (2019). Stress and coping of police officers in the South African Police Service. South African Journal of Psychology, 49(1), 97-108.


Books or book chapters:
  • Carrim, N. M. H., & Moolman, L. (Eds.) (2020). Managing diversity in the South African workplace. Hatfield, Pretoria: Van Schaik
  • Carrim N. M. H., & Senne, Y.  (2019). Life context model, intersectionality, and Black Feminist Epistemology: Women Managers in Africa. In E. P. P. Paoloni (Ed.), Handbook of Research on Women in Management and the Global Labor Market (pp. 136-155). United States of America: Hershey PA: IGI Global. 
  • Koekemoer, E., & Olckers, C. (2019). Women’s Wellbeing at Work: Their Experience of Work-Family Enrichment and Subjective Career Success. In Theory, Research and Dynamics of Career Wellbeing (pp. 259-282): Springer. 
  • Koekemoer E., & Petrou, M. (2019). Positive Psychological Interventions Intended for a Supportive Work-Family Culture. In L. van Zyl & Rothmann, S. (Eds.), Evidence-Based Positive Psychological Interventions in Multi-Cultural Contexts (pp. 83-103). Switzerland: Springer Natures.
  • Olckers, C., & Van Zyl, L. E. (2019). Positive psychological interventions aimed at managing territorial behaviours within the organisational context. In L. E. van Zyl, & S. Rothmann Sr. (Eds.), Positive psychological intervention design and protocols for multi-cultural contexts (pp. 171-191). Springer.

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