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BCom Human Resource Management Marketing video   BCom Human Resource Management Marketing video

What does Human Resource Management entail? This fun, animated video will provide you with more insight.

  Let our students tell you a bit more about our undergraduate programme and what to expect.
Insight from academics about the programme   PhD Learning Programme
Learn more about the BCom Human Resource Management degree. Prof. Chantal Olckers (Program Manager) discuss various aspects of the degree with Ms. Preshanta Pillay (Lecturer) and Prof. Alewyn Nel (Head of Department).  

We’re looking for future world-class academics.

We are looking for outstanding scholars who want to be future academics to join our PhD programme in Human Resource Management, Industrial-Organisational Psychology, and Organisational Behaviour in 2022. While other programmes mostly follow a “one student, one supervisor” approach to doctoral study, which includes mainly self-study, we provide one year of seminars at the University of Pretoria. These include valuable training in theory and the body of academic literature and quantitative and qualitative research methods. Internationally renowned academics lead seminars from UP and other South African universities, and some visitors from the US teach our students. Our programme makes a substantial investment in the skills development of students. Thus, we are looking for self-motivated applicants interested in becoming scholars in South Africa or internationally.

100 seconds with...
100 seconds with Ms Taylor Montgomery
  100 seconds with Mr Joey Mongalo
Ms Montgomery is a MCom Human Resource Management student at the Department of Human Resource Management. In 100 seconds, she explains what it takes to achieve top academic honours at the department and the importance of human resources in the new world of work. She shares her experience as a student at the Department of Human Resource Management.
Mr Mongalo is a MCom Industrial Psychology student at the Department of Human Resource Management. In 100 seconds, he shares his experience of being an industrial psychology student at the department, emphasises the critical role of industrial psychology in the new world of work, and discusses the skills and knowledge he gained from his experience as a student.
100 seconds with Dr Daphne Pillay-Naidoo
100 seconds with Ms Blessing Chabaya
Dr Pillay-Naidoo is a lecturer in the Department of Human Resource Management. In 100 seconds, she explains the role of an industrial psychologist, the expectations of an undergraduate student and what industrial psychology undergraduate modules the department offers.
Ms Chabaya is a lecturer in the Department of Human Resource Management. In 100 seconds, she discusses the value of the human resource and labour relations practitioners in the new world of work, and the benefits to studying human resource management and labour relations.
100 seconds with Prof Chantal Olckers
100 seconds with Prof Alewyn Nel
Prof Olckers is an Associate Professor and the Undergraduate Programme Manager in the Department of Human Resource Management. In 100 seconds, she discusses the minimum requirements for access to our undergraduate programme, and what a student can do after completing their BCom degree with us.
Prof Nel is a Professor and Head of the Department of Human Resource Management. In 100 seconds, he explains the new ideology of industrial psychology and human resource management with the new world of work, and what makes the department stand out.

Webinars and general information

Women's month in the HR department
  At crossroads: Reimaging Management Sciences and inclusivity
Postgraduate students at the Department of Human Resource Management give tribute to important female role models in their lives.
  Colleagues from the Management Sciences (Prof Nasima Carrim, Prof Alewyn Nel and Prof Stella Nkomo - Department of Human Resource Management, Dr Olebogeng Selebi - Department of Business Management and Dr Tinashe Ndoro - Department of Marketing Management) discussed the Clicks/TRESemmé advertisement concerning a hair product that has resulted in a major uproar, as the advert was regarded as depicting Black African hair as being dry and damaged. The advert was regarded as being targeted against Black Africans. This webinar focuses on how advertisements can be marketed by being inclusive and the impact negative advertisements can have on business survival and employee morale, job security, happiness and motivation.

The importance of “trying on” a leader identity


EMS Talk | Will we ever find balance again?

EMS Talk was hosted by the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, during which academics from the Department of Human Resource Management (Prof. Jenny Hoobler, Dr. Anne Crafford, and Dr. Daphne Pillay-Naidoo) shared cutting-edge research on leadership and identities.  
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, employees have been thrust into the never-ending mode of ‘surviving’ and balancing work and personal life. The pandemic affected all spheres of life (economic, professional, social, and personal). To be overwhelmed and feel unrelenting fatigue seem to be commonly shared sentiments since employees have intermittently had to cope with all these spheres for the last year. While maintaining a balance in one’s life is not a novel concept for many employees and employers alike, dealing with COVID-19 and all its implications on work have resulted in a new set of challenges that demand a new approach to working and thinking about one's wellbeing.
Maintaining and sustaining psychological, mental, and emotional wellbeing during such a prolonged, indefinite period is challenging and can be detrimental if not handled correctly. We, as industrial psychologists (Prof. Nasima Carrim, Prof. Herbert Kanengoni, Prof. Eileen Koekemoer, Prof. Alewyn Nel and Dr. Natasha Winkler-Titus) , will explore the effect of this on organisational and individual levels and offer advice on how to navigate your wellbeing during these uncertain and undefined times. Acknowledging and understanding that we are experiencing a uniquely stressful situation that needs an entirely different kind of insight and approach for employers and employees are key to finding your balance again.

Positive Psychology at Work: Taking advantage of your psychological strengths


Life at work post lockdown has been nothing short of a whirlwind of change. Transitioning to new hybrid work arrangements, learning how to readapt to the workplace and becoming accustomed to balancing both work and personal responsibilities while returning to the office full time has placed both psychological and emotional demands on employees everywhere. Although organisations worldwide have attempted to help ease the transition back to work for the employee, these attempts are limited and usually adopt a “one size fits all” approach. Instead of relying solely on the support from organisations, employees must draw on their own psychological strengths to ensure a smooth transitioning to the new hybrid world of work and to manoeuvre the change. 

The Department of Human Resource Management in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences presented the webinar. Dr. Daphne Pillay-Naidoo facilitated the session with panel members Prof. Chantal Olckers and Dr. Martha Harunvamwe. They explored the psychological strengths used in the workplace and explained how psychological strengths can be used to help employees adapt. Cutting edge research on personal strengths such as grit, character strengths and psychological capital were discussed in this webinar. The panel of researchers offered practical recommendations on how employees can identify and nurture their psychological strengths to better cope with workplace challenges. 



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