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Prof Olívia Pestana – Global Mobility Programme
14 March 2018

On 13 March 2018, the Department of Information Science in the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology welcomed Professor Olívia Pestana from the University of Porto in Portugal.

Prof Pestana is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities and holds a PhD in Information and Communication in Digital Platforms. She is a participant in the Global Mobility Programme, and is visiting the Department of Information Science for the week from 12 March to 16 March 2018. The Global Mobility Programme encourages contact with teaching and research practices at European and selected partner universities as part of their modernisation and internationalisation strategies.

Professor Pestana will present an open lecture, and guest lectures to students of the Department of Information Science and is looking forward to interacting with a different group of students.

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Prof Archi Dick; HoD- Information Science, Prof Olivia Pestana; Assistant Professor- University of Porto, Prof Ina Fourie; Information Science