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Accredited journal publications

Adefarati T, Bansal RC, Bettayeb M, Naidoo RM, Technical, economic, and environmental assessment of the distribution power system with the application of renewable energy technologies. Renewable Energy, 199, pp. 278 - 297

Agarwal A, Awasthi A, Jadoun V, Bansal RC, Selective harmonic elimination in space vector modulated ac-ac converter using fpga. Electric Power Components and Systems, 49 (11-12), pp. 990 - 1006

Akpakwu G, Hancke GP, Abu Mahfouz AM, An optimization-based congestion control for constrained application protocol. International Journal of Network Management, 32 (1), pp. 1 - 20

Almeida AR, De Villiers JP, De Freitas A, Velayudan M, The complementarity of a diverse range of deep learning features extracted from video content for video recommendation. Expert Systems with Applications, 192 (116335), pp. 1 - 13

Andrews G, Neveling O, De Beer DJJ, Chirwa EMN, Brink HG, Joubert T, Non-destructive impedance monitoring of bacterial metabolic activity towards continuous lead biorecovery. Sensors, 22 (18), pp. 1 - 18

Angwech OP, Alfa AS, Maharaj BTJ, Managing the harvested energy in wireless sensor networks: A priority Geo/Geo/1/k approach with threshold. Energy Reports, 8, pp. 2448 - 2461

Awoyemi BS, Maharaj BTJ, Improving link failure restoration in next-generation wireless sensor networks. Array, 14 (100147), pp. 1 - 9

Banza B, Mbungu N, Siti M, Tungadio D, Bansal RC, Critical analysis of the electricity market in developing country municipality. Energy Reports, 8, pp. 329 - 337

Bellagarda J, Abu Mahfouz AM, An updated survey on the convergence of distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence: current state, major challenges and future direction. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 50774 - 50793

Bellagarda J, Abu Mahfouz AM, Connect2NFT: A web-based, blockchain enabled nft application with the aim of reducing fraud and ensuring authenticated social, non-human verified digital identity. Mathematics, 10 (21), pp. 1 - 25

Beyers FJC, De Freitas A, Essel-Mensah K, Seymore R, Tsomocos D, A computable general equilibrium model as a banking sector regulatory tool in South Africa. South African Journal of Economics, 90 (1), pp. 93 - 120

Bharti S, Dubey S, Nagwanshi K, Turky R, Bansal RC, Choubey B, Analysis of electromagnetic environment in 1200 kv single circuit uhvac transmission line by using face software and semi-empirical formulae. Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 13 (3), pp. 1 - 13

Bhateshvar Y, Vora K, Mathur H, Bansal RC, A comparison on pso optimized pid controller for inter-area oscillation control in an interconnected power system. Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy, 7 (7), pp. 1 - 14

Biswal M, Mishra M, Sood V, Bansal RC, Abdelaziz A, Savitzky-Golay filter integrated matrix pencil method to identify high impedance fault in a renewable penetrated distribution system. Electric Power Systems Research, 210 (108056), pp. 1 - 11

Blomerus N, Cilliers J, Nel W, Blasch E, De Villiers JP, Feedback-assisted automatic target and clutter discrimination using a bayesian convolutional neural network for improved explainability in sar applications. Remote Sensing, 14 (23), pp. 1 - 25

Botha A, Beyers FJC, De Villiers JP, The loss optimization of loan recovery decision times using forecast cashflows. Journal of Credit Risk, 18 (1), pp. 1 - 34

Calitz J, Bansal RC, The system value of optimized battery electric vehicle charging: a case study in South Africa. Electrical Engineering, 104 (2), pp. 843 - 853

Chen J, Yue D, Dou C, Weng S, Xie X, Li Y, Hancke GP, Static and dynamic event-triggered mechanisms for distributed secondary control of inverters in low-voltage islanded microgrids. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 52 (7), July: pp. 6925 - 6938

Cloete J, Stander T, Wilke DN, Parametric circuit fault diagnosis through oscillation-based testing in analogue circuits: statistical and deep learning approaches. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 15671 - 15680

Coetzer CJ, West N, Radiometric calibration and measurement algorithm for electrical inspection solar-blind ultraviolet cameras. Opto-Electronics Review, 30, pp. 1 - 9

Coetzer CJ, Myburgh HC, West N, Walker J, Method to determine solar-blind ultraviolet energy and electrical corona loss relation. Opto-Electronics Review, 30 (4), pp. 1 - 9

De Sousa KC, Cas S, Moore D, Myburgh HC, Swanepoel DCDW, Diotic and antiphasic digits-in-noise testing as a hearing screening and triage tool to classify type of hearing loss. Ear And Hearing, 43 (3), pp. 1037 - 1048

De Sousa KC, Smits C, Moore D, Chada S, Myburgh HC, Swanepoel DCDW, Global use and outcomes of the hearWHO mHealth hearing test. Digital Health, 8, pp. 1 - 9

Du Toit JB, Joubert J, Odendaal JW, The implementation of wideband 90° hybrids on non-optimal substrates. Electronics Letters, 58 (2), pp. 55 - 57

Fourie C, Myburgh HC, An intra-vehicular wireless multimedia sensor network for smartphone-based low-cost advanced driver-assistance systems. Sensors, 22 (8), pp. 1 - 22

Gbadamosi S, Hancke GP, Abu Mahfouz AM, Interference avoidance resource allocation for d2d-enabled 5g narrowband internet of things. IEEE Internet Of Things Journal, 9 (22), November: pp. 22752 - 22764

Gu F, Niu J, Jiang L, Liu X, Hancke GP, SafePath: Exploiting ubiquitous smartphones to avoid vehicle-pedestrian collision. IEEE Internet Of Things Journal, 9 (9), May: pp. 6763 - 6777

Guzman J, Zakova K, Craig IK, Hagglund T, Rivera D, Normey-Rico J, Moura-Oliveira P, Wang L, Serbezov A, Sato T, Teaching control during the covid-19 pandemic. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55 (17), pp. 31 - 36

Hall NA, Odendaal JW, Joubert J, A wideband feed network for vivaldi antenna arrays. International Journal of Antennas And Propagation, 2022 pp. 1 - 10

Heidari A, Bansal RC, Hossain J, Zhu J, Strategic risk aversion of smart energy hubs in the joined energy markets applying a stochastic game approach. Journal of Cleaner Production, 349 (131386), pp. 1 - 15

Hlophe MC, Maharaj BTJ, An SDN controller-based network slicing scheme using constrained reinforcement learning. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 134848 - 134869

Hussien A, Turky R, Alkuhayli A, Hasanien H, Tostado-Veliz M, Jurado F, Bansal RC, Coot bird algorithms-based tuning pi controller for optimal microgrid autonomous operation. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 6442 - 6458

Jalil M, Khatoon S, Nasiruddin I, Bansal RC, Review of PV array modelling, configuration and MPPT techniques. International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 42 (4), pp. 533 - 550

Koottappillil D, Naidoo RM, Mbungu N, Bansal RC, Distribution of renewable energy through the energy internet: A routing algorithm for energy routers. Energy Reports, 8, pp. 355 - 363

Koteswara Raju D, Seshu Kumar R, Phani Raghav L, Singh A, Enhancement of loadability and voltage stability in grid-connected microgrid network. Journal of Cleaner Production, 374 (133881), pp. 1 - 13

Kufakunesu R, Hancke GP, Abu Mahfouz AM, A fuzzy-logic based adaptive data rate scheme for energy-efficient Lorawan communication. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks, 11 (4), pp. 1 - 18

Kumar A, He X, Deng Y, Singh A, Sah B, Kumar P, Bansal RC, Bettayeb M, Rayudu R, A sustainable rural electrification based on a socio-techno-economic-environmental-political microgrid design framework. Energy & Environmental Science, 15 (10), pp. 4213 - 4246

Kunatsa T, Xia X, A review on anaerobic digestion with focus on the role of biomass co-digestion, modelling and optimisation on biogas production and enhancement. Bioresource Technology, 344 (126311), pp. 1 - 13

Kunatsa T, Zhang L, Xia X, Biogas potential determination and production optimisation through optimal substrate ratio feeding in co-digestion of water hyacinth, municipal solid waste and cow dung. Biofuels-Uk, 13 (5), pp. 631 - 641

Laue HEA, Du Plessis WP, Design and analysis of a proof-of-concept checkered-network compressive array. IEEE Transactions on Antennas And Propagation, 70 (9), pp. 7546 - 7555

Le Roux JD, Steyn C, Validation of a dynamic non-linear grinding circuit model for process control. Minerals Engineering, 187 (107780), pp. 1 - 10

Long T, Zhou Z, Hancke GP, Bai Y, Gao Q, A review of artificial intelligence technologies in mineral identification: classification and visualization. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks, 11 (3), pp. 1 - 24

Lupangu NC, Saha A, Bansal RC, Justo J, Critical performance comparison between single-stage and two-stage incremental conductance mppt algorithms for DC/DC boost-converter applied in PV systems. Electric Power Components And Systems, 50 (4-5), pp. 207 - 222

Madiba T, Bansal RC, Mbungu NT, Bettayeb M, Naidoo RM, Siti M, Under-frequency load shedding of microgrid systems: a review. International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 42 (4), pp. 653 - 679

Maritz MG, Schoeman J, Programmable aperture using a digital micromirror device for in-line holographic microscopy. IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics, 58 (5), pp. 1 - 8

Masaki MS, Zhang L, Xia X, Fuzzy logic control of plug-in supercapacitor storage for thermoelectric management of batteries. Renewable Energy Focus, 43, pp. 59 - 73

Masike L, Gitau MN, Adam G, A unified rule-based small-signal modelling technique for two-switch, non-isolated DC-DC converters in CCM. Energies, 15 (15), pp. 1 - 23

Mbungu NT, Madiba T, Bansal RC, Bettayeb M, Naidoo RM, Siti M, Adefarati T, Economic optimal load management control of microgrid system using energy storage system. Journal of Energy Storage, 46 (103843), pp. 1 - 18

Mdakane L, Kleynhans W, Feature selection and classification of oil spill from vessels using sentinel-1 wide-swath synthetic aperture radar data. IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters, 19 (4002505), pp. 1 - 5

Mishra M, Biswal M, Bansal RC, Nayak J, Abraham A, Malik O, intelligent computing in electrical utility industry 4.0: concept, key technologies, applications and future directions. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 100312 - 100336

Mishra M, Patnaik B, Biswal M, Hasan S, Bansal RC, A systematic review on DC-microgrid protection and grounding techniques: Issues, challenges and future perspective. Applied Energy, 313 (118810), pp. 1 - 25

Mishra M, Patnaik B, Bansal RC, Naidoo RM, Naik B, Nayak J, DTCDWT-SMOTE-XGBoost-based islanding detection for distributed generation systems: an approach of class-imbalanced issue. IEEE Systems Journal, 16 (2), June: pp. 2008 - 2019

Mohammed IMO, Gitau MN, Bansal RC, Elimination of the voltage output fluctuations of a Vienna active rectifier-i integrated under unsymmetrical faults based wind power plant. Electric Power Components and Systems, 49 (20), pp. 1567 - 1579

Mohammed IMO, Gitau MN, Bansal RC, Fault ride-through capability of MMC based wind power plant integrated under a DC-link fault. Electric Power Components and Systems, 50 (3), pp. 133 - 148

Molokomme DN, Onumanyi A, Abu Mahfouz AM, Edge Intelligence in Smart Grids: A Survey on Architectures, Offloading Models, Cyber Security Measures, and Challenges. Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks, 11 (3), pp. 1 - 50

Morales-Aragones J, Williams M, Kupolati HA, Alonso-Gómez V, Gallardo-Saavedra S, Redondo-Plaza A, Muñoz-García M, Sánchez-Pacheco F, Hernández-Callejo L, A power-line communication system governed by loop resonance for photovoltaic plant monitoring. Sensors, 22 (23), pp. 1 - 12

Nie Y, Xu H, Hu Y, Ye X, Energy router for emergency energy supply in urban cities: a review. power electronics and drives, 7 (42), pp. 246 - 266

Noome Z, le Roux JD, Controlling a grinding mill circuit using constrained model predictive static programming. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55 (21), pp. 49 - 54

Okegbile S, Maharaj BTJ, Alfa AS, A multi-class channel access scheme for cognitive edge computing-based internet of things networks. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 71 (9), pp. 9912 - 9924

Okegbile S, Maharaj BTJ, Alfa AS, A multi-user tasks offloading scheme for integrated edge-fog-cloud computing environments. IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 71 (7), July: pp. 7487 - 7502

Olatinwo D, Abu Mahfouz AM, Hancke GP, Energy-aware hybrid mac protocol for iot enabled wban systems. IEEE Sensors Journal, 22 (3), February: pp. 2685 - 2699

Olatinwo SO, Joubert T, A bibliometric analysis and review of resource management in internet of water things: the use of game theory. Water, 14 (10), pp. 1 - 29

Olatinwo SO, Joubert T, deep learning for resource management in internet of things networks: a bibliometric analysis and comprehensive review. IEEE Access, 10, pp. 94691 - 94717

Otunniyi T, Myburgh HC, Low-complexity filter for software-defined radio by modulated interpolated coefficient decimated filter in a hybrid farrow. Sensors, 22 (3), pp. 1 - 23

Oyedokun T, Geschke R, Stander T, Implementation of tunable resonators in planar groove gap waveguide technology. International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 14 (4), pp. 438 - 444

Pieterse F, Du Plessis WP, Implementation and testing of a retrodirective cross-eye jammer.IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, 58 (5), pp. 4486 - 4494

Pokpas K, Jahed N, Bezuidenhout P, Smith S, Land K, Iwuoha E, Nickel contamination analysis at cost-effective silver printed paper-based electrodes based on carbon black dimethyl-glyoxime ink as electrode modifier. Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering, 12 (1), pp. 153 - 164

Ren Z, Dong Y, Lin D, Zhang L, Fan Y, Xia X, Managing energy-water-carbon-food nexus for cleaner agricultural greenhouse production: A control system approach. Science of the Total Environment, 848 (157756), pp. 1 - 12

Roux J, Hanekom JJ, Effect of stimulation parameters on sequential current-steered stimuli in cochlear implants. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 152 (1), July: pp. 609 - 623

Sanama Goufan CC, Xia X, Modelling and experimental investigation of a vapor compression system under steady state regime. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics Research, 11 (2), February: pp. 114 - 122

Sanama Goufan CC, Xia X, Maurel Nguepnang A, PID-MPC implementation on a chiller-fan coil unit. Journal of Mathematics, 2022, pp. 1 - 13

Sandstrom J, Myburgh HC, Laurent C, Swanepoel DCDW, Lundberg T, A machine learning approach to screen for otitis media using digital otoscope images labelled by an expert panel. Diagnostics, 12 (6), pp. 1 - 14

Scholtz PA, Gitau MN, Asymmetric neutral point diode clamped topology with reduced component count for switched reluctance machine drive. Energies, 15 (7), pp. 1 - 14

Sharma P, Mathur H, Mishra P, Bansal RC, A critical and comparative review of energy management strategies for microgrids. Applied Energy, 327 (120028), pp. 1 - 25

Shimbi MLM, Abu Mahfouz AM, Ramotsoela TD, Artificial intelligence-driven intrusion detection in software-defined wireless sensor networks: towards secure IoT-enabled healthcare systems. International Journal of Environmental Research And Public Health, 19 (9), pp. 1 - 21

Tsoka T, Ye X, Chen Y, Gong D, Xia X, Explainable artificial intelligence for building energy performance certificate labelling classification. Journal of Cleaner Production, 355 (131626), pp. 1 - 15

van Aardt R, Joubert J, Odendaal JW, A dipole with reflector-backed active metasurface for linear-to-circular polarization reconfigurability. Materials, 15 (9), pp. 1 - 13

Van der Westhuizen J, Hanekom T, Hanekom JJ, Apical reference stimulation: a possible solution to facial nerve stimulation. Ear And Hearing, 43 (4), pp. 1189 - 1197

Van Niekerk J, Le Roux JD, Craig IK, On-line automatic controller tuning using Bayesian optimisation - a bulk tailings treatment plant case study. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55 (21), pp. 126 - 131

Venter J, le Roux JD, Craig IK, Observable dynamic models of reagent effects for model-based froth flotation control. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55 (21), pp. 102 - 107

Venter JJP, Franc A, Stander T, Ferrari P, Transmission lines characteristic impedance versus Q-factor in CMOS technology. International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies, 14 (4), pp. 432 - 437

Wepener D, le Roux JD, Craig IK, Extremum seeking control of a flotation circuit using peak air recovery. IFAC-PapersOnLine, 55 (21), pp. 61 - 66

West WJ, Limebeer D, Optimal tyre management for a high-performance race car. Vehicle System Dynamics, 60 (1), pp. 1 - 19

Zhang H, Yue D, Dou C, Li K, Hancke GP, Two-Step wind power prediction approach with improved complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition and reinforcement learning. IEEE Systems Journal, 16 (2), June: pp. 2545 - 2555

Zhao Y, Yu H, Xia X, Event-triggered adaptive consensus for stochastic multi-agent systems with saturated input and partial state constraints. Information Sciences, 603, pp. 16 - 41

Zhao Y, Yu H, Xia X, Event-triggered adaptive control of multi-agent systems with saturated input and partial state constraints. Journal of the Franklin Institute-Engineering and Applied Mathematics, 359, pp. 3333 - 3365

Zietsman GE, Malekian R, Modelling of a speech-to-text recognition system for air traffic control and nato air command. Journal of Internet Technology, 23 (7), December: pp. 1527 - 1539

Zietsman M, Adefarati T, Bansal RC, Naidoo RM, Cost-benefit analysis of wind power integration in distribution networks. Journal of Energy in Southern Africa, 33 (1), February: pp. 21 - 39

Ziolkowski L, Le Roux JD, Craig IK, Extremum seeking control for optimization of an open-loop grinding mill using grind curves. Journal of Process Control, 114, pp. 54 - 70

Accredited conference publications

Afachao KAbu Mahfouz AM, A review of intelligent IoT devices at the edge. IEEE 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence of Things (ICAioT 2022), 29-Dec-2022 - 30-Dec-2022

Bansal RC, Joy E, Ghenai C, Terzila V, Vorobev P, Kumar R, Sujil A, Artificial intelligence and its applications in renewable integrated power systems. 14th International Conference on Applied Energy (ICAE), 08-Aug-2022 - 11-Aug-2022

Bansal RC, Patel N, Hamid A, Adam A, Weak grid interconnection of solar photovoltaic unit with power quality conditioner functionality. 2022 IEEE Power and Energy Conference at Illinois (PECI), 10-Mar-2022 - 11-Mar-2022

Du Plessis WP, Considering model excitations for the density-taper algorithm. IEEE-APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Wireless Communications 2022 (APWC), 05-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022

Du Plessis WPMosoma K, Initial results for cross-polarisation jamming of monopulse radar. IEEE-APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Wireless Communication 2022 (APWC), 05-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022

Kufakunesu RHancke GPAbu Mahfouz AM, The impact of gateway node density on the performance of LoRaWAN. Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) 2022, 28-Aug-2022 - 30-Aug-2022

Le Roux JD, Van der Merwe C, Model-based estimation of wheel slip in locomotives. European Control Conference (ECC), 12-Jul-2022 - 15-Jul-2022

Mbungu N, Ismail A, Bansal RC, Hamid A, Naidoo RM, An optimal energy management scheme of a vehicle to home. IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference, 14-Jun-2022 - 16-Jun-2022

Mlongeni MAbu Mahfouz AMHancke GP, Towards building a secure NB-IoT environment on 5G networks: A user and device access control system review. 48th Annual Conference of the IEEE Electronics Society - IECON 2022, 17-Oct-2022 - 20-Oct-2022

Mundia SStander T, Detailed design of an 18-45 GHz multi-purpose radio astronomy receiver. IEEE-APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagation in Wireless Communications 2022 (APWC), 05-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022

Naidoo RMVan Staden PT, Adefarati T, Bansal RC, Design and analysis of an off-grid connected PV-wind-battery hybrid energy system. IEEE IAS Global Conference on Emerging Technologies (GlobConET), 20-May-2022 - 22-May-2022

Naraindath NBansal RCNaidoo RM, Development of an exploratory blockchain for enhanced data security in smart grids. Proceedings of the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Electrical Engineering Systems (AITEES 2022), 06-May-2022 - 07-May-2022

Nasir M, Bansal RC, Elnady A, A review of various neural network algorithms for operational of AC microgrids. Advances in Science and Engineering Technology International Conferences (ASET 2022), 21-Feb-2022 - 24-Feb-2022

Nell APDe Freitas A, Pavlin G, De Villiers JP, Particle-balanced context-based filtering for hypothesis maintenance in sparse sensor coverage situations. 25th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION), 04-Jul-2022 - 07-Jul-2022

Omar AHMalekian R, Bogatinoska D, Energy management system based on wireless sensor networks and power line communications. International Conference Automatics and Informatics 2022, 06-Oct-2022 - 08-Oct-2022

Osifeko MOHancke GPAbu Mahfouz AM, Impact of mobility speed and network density on the performance of vehicular ad hoc network routing protocols. 5th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Computing and Data Communication Systems (icABCD), 04-Aug-2022 - 05-Aug-2022

Pavlin G, De Villiers JP, Laskey K, Mignet F, Jansen L, Continuous model evaluation and adaptation to distribution shifts: A probabilistic self-supervised approach. 25th International Conference on Information Fusion (FUSION), 04-Jul-2022 - 07-Jul-2022

Ratra S, Bansal RC, Singh D, Naidoo RM, Improving multi-objective voltage stability by FACTS devices placement through circular optimization algorithm. 14th International Conference on Applied Energy, 08-Aug-2022 - 11-Aug-2022

Stander T, De Villiers D, De Witt A, Rodriquez D, Hiriart D, Kurtz S, Van den Heever F, De la Rosa Becerra M, A retrospective of the SA-Mexico bilateral programme on water vapour radiometry. IEEE-APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagations in Wireless Communications 2022 (APWC), 05-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022

Stander TSimonovic ARohwer ER, Preliminary investigation into the use of silver seed layers in copper electroplating of waveguide parts. IEEE-APS Topical Conference on Antennas and Propagations in Wireless Communications 2022 (APWC), 05-Sep-2022 - 09-Sep-2022

Zeng S, Jiang R, Ye X, Wu Z, Wang Z, Wind power forecast based on multiple echo states. Neural Computing for Advanced Applications, 3rd International Conference, NCAA 2022, 08-Jul-2022 - 10-Aug-2022

Non-accredited publications

Kumar L, Ahmed S, Naidoo RMBansal RCU, (2022). Decentralized reinforce-control of renewable dynamic virtual power plant enabling it to offer ancillary services: An attempt towards net-zero targets. IET Renewable Power Generation, 0 pp. 1 - 19.

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