Admission and Degree Fulfillment Requirements

BEngHons Degrees

BEngHons Electrical Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

BEngHons Electronic Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

BEngHons Computer Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

BEngHons Microelectronic Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

BEngHons Bioengineering (Link to Yearbook)

Prospective BEngHons students should note the following:

  • The core module EIN 732 is compulsory (see Yearbook for details).
  • In order to gain admission to the BEngHons degree, each student needs to find a study leader for EIN 732. Please note that study leaders will only be available to lead students' EIN 732 work within a two year period that starts with the commencement of their studies.  Students who wish to start with EIN 732 after two years may therefore have to find new study leaders.


MEng Degrees

MEng Electrical Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

MEng Electronic Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

MEng Computer Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

MEng Microelectronic Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

MEng Bioengineering (Link to Yearbook)


PhD Degrees

PhD Electrical Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

PhD Electronic Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

PhD Computer Engineering (Link to Yearbook)

PhD Electric (Link to Yearbook)

PhD Electronics (Link to Yearbook)

PhD Biosystems (Link to Yearbook)

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