Degree Programmes

Kindly consult the relevant Yearbooks for official policies, general information, module content, etc.

The names of the degrees given below are followed by their programme codes in brackets.

BEngHons degrees

BEngHons Electrical Engineering(12240032)
EngHons Electronic Engineering(12240092)
BEngHons Computer Engineering(12240214)
BEngHons Bioengineering(12240203)
BEngHons Microelectronic Engineering(12240192)

MEng degrees

Code Credits
MEng Electrical Engineering(12250032) EIR 890 128
MEng Electronic Engineering(12250094) EIN 890 128
MEng Computer Engineering(12250214) ERI 890 128
MEng Bioengineering (12250203) EIB 890 128
MEng Microelectronic Engineering(12250192) EEY 890 128
MEng Software Engineering(12250204) EPR 890 128

PhD degrees

Code Credits
PhD Electrical Engineering(12263022) EIR 990 360
PhD Electronic Engineering(12263082) EIN 990 360
PhD Computer Engineering(12263104) ERI 990 360
PhD Electrical(12263152) EIR991 360
PhD Electronics(12263162) EIN 991 360
PhD Biosystems(12280000) EIC 990 360


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