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Kindly consult the relevant Yearbooks for official policies, general information, module content, etc.


The following apply to BEngHons degrees offered by the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering.

The Yearbook contains an exhaustive listing of modules with descriptions (modules are listed by honours degree). Not all modules are presented each year. Please consult the first and second semester timetables (see below) for modules that will be presented during the current academic year. Even if the module appears on the timetable, it will only be offered on condition that the requisite minimum number of students is registered for the module, as determined by the Head of the Department and the Dean of the EBIT Faculty. Your choice of modules should be in line with the modules prescribed by your Research Group. Consult Research Group Heads / your anticipated masters dissertation supervisor in order to compile a meaningful programme.

Information on modules prescribed by Research Groups can be found here.

Module pages are available through ClickUP.

* Students who have applied for the BEngHons (Electronic Engineering) degree won't be able to register online for the modules EME 732 and EMK 732 since they fall under the curriculum of BEngHons (Microelectronic Engineering).  You are however welcome to take the module(s).  If you wish to do so, please send an email to Mrs Heleen Gous ([email protected]) and request for the modules to be added.



Semester 1 and 2

Prescribed textbooks

Please consult the relevant module's ClickUp page or the lecturer.

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