Applying for Academic Accommodations/Concessions

Applying for Academic Accommodations/Concessions (.e.g extra time)

If you would like to determine your eligibility for academic accommodations (concessions) kindly apply as early as possible in the academic year. Reasonable accommodation measures can only be put in place following a successful application to the UP Disability & Reasonable Accommodation Panel. In order for your reasonable accommodation requests to be reviewed and feedback be given timeously, please register with the Disability Unit and submit appropriate supporting documentation before the commencement of the first semester assessments.

Application Process (If you already have supporting documentation)

  1. You can complete the Disability Unit Registration Form by clicking  Online Disability Unit Registration Form.
  2. To this form, you can upload your supporting documentation from your health professionals.Thus it is advised you only complete the form if you already have all your documentation in place.
  3. Kindly note that concessions received at previous institutions do not automatically apply to UP.
  4. Concessions usually take a minimum of 3 weeks to be processed after receipt of the completed online form and all appropriate supporting documentation in line with UP requirements.
  5. If concession support is required for a Specific Learning Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or any other Psychiatric Disorder there is a specific concession assessment battery that is required.  Kindly contact the Disability Unit for a referral letter that provide details thereof.


Students can consult with the Disability Unit (walk-in; x2064; [email protected]) for all disability related queries and support (including to assess if a student is eligible for additional time on the basis of a disability).

Students at the Mamelodi campus can consult with a DU staff member every Friday at the Disability Unit Computer lab located within the Mamelodi Campus Library.

All forms are available at the Disability Unit or can be emailed following a consultation with the Disability Unit.

Closing Dates

  • It must be noted that concession applications for the 1st semester close on the 30th April 2020.
  • Concession applications for the 1st semester close on the 30th September 2020.


As per University regulations, the 2020 first semester examinations will be facilitated online for all students with disabilities, by the respective academic departments. Students who previously completed their examinations at the Disability Unit, will now do so online.  Assistive technology will be used in place of human support. Whilst the Disability Unit has informed all faculties of approved concession applications for 2020, students are required to email a copy of their 2020 concession letter to their respective lecturers and course coordinators for each module. To receive a copy of your 2020 concession letter kindly complete the following link: Disability Unit Walk-In/Consult Form.


Disability Specific Support:

  • Students with Disabilities who receive additional time only : You are required to timeously email a copy of your 2020 concession letter to your respective lecturers and course coordinators for each module. Thereafter, the academic department concerned will ensure that additional time is included for the online examination. Failure to do so timeously results in you wavering support.
  • Students with Visual Disabilities: As per the arrangements for the online semester tests, students with visual disabilities will be required to continue using their assistive technology for the 2020 first semester examinations.
  • Students with Neurodevelopmental, Psychological, Physical, Medical or Neurological Disabilities:  Students who previously made use of human support (i.e. scribe or a reader) will be required to make use of assistive technology. For technical support in this regard please contact:


Students with disabilities who are unsure of support, please send enquiries as follows:

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