WELCOME TO NAS: Meet Dr Bernard Coetzee

Posted on April 09, 2021

Meet Dr Bernard Coetzee, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Entomology who was appointed to the Faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences in March this year.

Find out more about him.

Q: What do you do at NAS?
A: As Senior Lecturer in the Department of Zoology and Entomology, my new research is focusing on artificial light and disease vector interactions, funded by the Jennifer Ward Oppenheimer Research Grant.

Q: As a new staff member at UP, what stands out for you from UP/NAS?
A: As an old Tukkie, I'm excited to return to UP to contribute to this wonderful Faculty, University and City as a more senior scientist.

Q: What qualities do you think a good employee should have to be successful?
A: A collaborative team ethos with visionary goals.

Q: What is your life philosophy? What do you believe in?
A: "Science is the enemy of autocracy because it replaces claims to truth based on authority with those based on evidence and because it depends on the criticism of established ideas. Scientific knowledge is the enemy of dogma and ideologies and makes us more tolerant because it is tentative and provisional and does not deal in certainties. It is the most effective way of learning about the physical world and therefore erodes superstition, ignorance and prejudice, which have been causes of the denial of human rights throughout history." R. Taverne

Q: Who is your role model?
Edward O. Wilson and Homer (the cartoon character more so than the philosopher).

Q: Where did you study and what is your highest qualification?
A: At the University of Pretoria: BSc, BSc Hons, and MSc in Zoology. PhD at Stellenbosch University.

Q: Where were you previously employed?
Research Associate at the Global Change Institute, WITS and Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), Scientific Services, Skukuza.

- Author Martie Meyer
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