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Bachelor of Science Honours in Entomology

Eloise Sarah Butcher Natasha Erasmus Onkgopotse Seabi  

Biocontrol of the African citrus psyllid in Spain with a South African parasitoid

Parasitoids of the tomato leafminer, Tuta absoluta, in South Africa Incidence and diversity of Wolbachia infection in African fruit flies  
Supervisors: Prof. Kerstin Krüger and Alejandro Tena (IVIA, Spain) Supervisors: Prof. Kerstin Krüger, Dr Robert Nofumela and Dr Diedrich Visser Supervisors: Prof. Armanda Bastos and Dr Chris Weldon  

Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology

Anne Ankermann Arantxa Blecher Dean Carlisle Emma Jepsen
Global variation in avian metabolic rates and body temperatures Role of hyperprolactinemia in reproductive suppression in the naked mole-rat Effect of release method on post-release movements of white rhinoceros in an open system Validation of non-invasive assay for circulating stress hormones in a passerine bird, the Southern Pied Babbler
Supervisor: Prof. Andrew McKechnie Supervisors: Prof. Nigel Bennett and Dr Marietjie Oosthuizen Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Shrader Supervisors: Prof. Andrew McKechnie and Prof. Andre Ganswindt
Bianca Jones Candice Lamb Tasha Oosthuizen Tenzin Phillips
A survey of fungivorous insects associated with pathogenic and saprophytic species of the Ceratocystidaceae Invasion potential of the emerald ash borer in South Africa Comparative population ecology between two sympatric small mammal populations Year-round habitat use of Sub Antarctic fur seals from the Prince Edward Islands archipelago
Supervisor: Dr Almuth Hammerbacher Supervisors: Prof. Mark Robertson and Dr Katelyn Faulkner Supervisor: Dr Heike Lutermann Supervisors: Prof. Nico de Bruyn and Dr Mia Wege
Keegan Schoeman Anita van Deventer Monique van Dyk  
Effect of water on the digging metabolic rate of two solitary mole-rat species Does impala vigilance behaviour change in the centre and around the edge of the herd according to different levels of predator presence? Effects of humidity on evaporative cooling in a passerine bird, the White-Browed Sparrow-Weaver  
Supervisors: Dr Jan Okrouhlik and Prof. Nigel Bennett Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Shrader Supervisor: Prof. Andrew McKechnie  


- Author C. Weldon
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