Current Honours cohort

Bachelor of Science Honours in Entomology

Eileen Engelbrecht Lomarie Janse van Rensburg    

Assessing intraspecific variation in ants in response to environmental temperatures

Unraveling aquatic insect trophic ecology to improve rapid river assessment techniques    
Supervisor: Dr Tom Bishop Supervisor: Dr Stephan Woodborne    

Bachelor of Science Honours in Wildlife Management

Myles Illidge Mahlasinyane Mofokeng Michael Nel Declan Porter


Supervisors:  Supervisors:  Supervisors: Supervisors:
Kyle Smith      

Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology

Twané Bester Michelle Bouwer Rebecca Bristow Leandri de Kock
Which monoterpenes have the greatest impact on elephant diet choice? Non-invasive measures of stress levels in Southern Yellow-Billed Hornbills (Tockus leucomelas): A validation of faecal glucocorticoid Does perception of vulnerability vary between mesopredators and larger carnivores in Namibian conservancies? Environmental determinants of the moult phenology in southern elephant seals (Mirounga leonina) at Marion Island
Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Shrader Supervisor: Prof. Andrew McKechnie Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Shrader Supervisors: Prof. P. J. Nico de Bruyn, Dr Chris Oosthuizen
Anri de Meyer Andries Janse van Vuuren Angelica Kaiser Tamar Kendon
Sex differentiated diet of Subantarctic fur seals from the Tristan da Cunha islands: overlap with fisheries The beak and facial skin as heat radiators in the Southern Ground-Hornbill Aquatic freshwater filterfeeders: harbingers of panseatitis How the vigilance behaviour of African ungulates is affected by the presence of cheetah in a small reserve
Supervisor: Dr Mia Wege  Supervisor: Prof. Andrew McKechnie Supervisor: Dr Stephan Woodborne  Supervisor: Prof. Michael Somers
Agata Morelli Annelize van der Merwe Tamryn Venter Carien Visser
Insects as biodiversity inductors in urban environments Determining the diet-to-tissue discrimination factors in selected fish of southern Africa The factors preventing globally distributed agricultural pests from establishing in South Africa Determining the effect of different stressors on the cortisol stress responses of breeding and non-breeding Highveld mole-rats
Supervisor: Prof. Catherine Sole Supervisor: Dr Stephan Woodborne Supervisors: Prof. Mark Robertson, Dr Katelyn Faulkner Supervisors: Dr Katarina Medger, Prof. Nigel Bennett
Kirstin Webb Matthew Wood    
Diet and movement of Weddell seals within the deep Weddell sea Can elephants smell water?    
Supervisors: Dr Mia Wege, Prof. Marthan Bester  Supervisors: Prof. Adrian Shrader    


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