Current Honours cohort

Bachelor of Science Honours in Entomology

Joshua Joffe Sophie Nyoni Goratileone Oepeng  
Microbial detoxification of Eucalyptus essential oils in the gut of Gonipterus sp. n. 2 Experimental evolution in a biocontrol system The role of brood pheromones in inhibiting reproductive dominance in Apis mellifera scutellata workers xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx
Supervisor: Dr Almuth Hammerbacher Supervisors: Prof. Brett Hurley, Prof. Bernard Slippers Supervisors: Dr Fiona Mumoki, Prof. Abdullahi Yusuf, Prof. Christian Pirk, Prof. Robin Crewe  

Bachelor of Science Honours in Wildlife Management

Quincy Augustine Elna Davel Alannah Grobler Hamlet Maseko

Factors influencing power line roost selection of vultures in northern South Africaxx

The use of culverts by warthogs in the Loskop Dam Nature Reserve The impact of seismic surveys on cetacean behaviour in South African waters Bat food discrimination through resource selection
Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Dr Ryno Kemp Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Maartin Strauss, Dr Mark Keith Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Jean Purdon, Dr Els Vermeulen Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Dr Grant Hall
Karla Mieny Rodney Naleba Robyn Nelson Daleen Steenkamp
The influence of megaherbivores on the seasonal diet of large herbivores in succulent karoo and fynbos biomes Investigating key drivers of herbivore space use in arid protected areas An assessment of the behavioural impact of the common myna (Acridotheres tristis) on indigenous birds in an urban setting The effects of roads on bat diversity and activity
Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Prof. Jan Venter, Dr Christopher Brooke Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Prof. Michael Somers, Prof. Jan Venter Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Maartin Strauss
Tynika Tiribeni Arno van Niekerk    
The effects of lion pride structure on home ranges Home ranges of leopard tortoises in a small urban fenced environment    
Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Prof. Jan Venter, Prof. Herve Fritz Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Mark Keith    

Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology

Shirel Braunstein Giséle Cumming Tiaan de Wet-Marais Cleo Ferreira
Light intensity on the circadian rhythms of solitary mole- rats Experimentally testing the link between thermoregulation and chronobiology in the Highveld mole-rat (Cryptomys hottentotus pretoriae Are four populations of Chetia flaviventris taxonomically isolated?  Does dehorning influence the seasonal home range use of white rhinos?
Supervisors: Dr Marietjie Oosthuizen, Prof. Nigel Bennett Supervisors: Prof. Nigel Bennett, Dr Daniel Hart, Dr PJ Jacobs Supervisor: Dr Carel Oosthuizen Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Shrader
Lisa Garner Mila Geldenhuys Megan Hutson Jacqueline McTamney
An assessment of nudibranch diversity in Sodwana Bay, South Africa Dietary and spatial niche overlap of Ross and Elephant seals in the South Atlantic Ocean Faecal glucocorticoid metabolite (fGCM) concentrations as a measure of stress in impala (Aepyceros melampus) in response to an anthropogenic disturbance Infectious personalities: A meta-analysis on whether animal personality predicts infection risk
Supervisor: Dr Carel Oosthuizen Supervisors: Dr. Mia Wege, Prof. PJ Nico de Bruyn Supervisor: Prof. Andre Ganswindt Supervisor: Dr Heike Lutermann
Stuart Neilon Nicole Robertson Layla van Zyl Juanita Wessels
Prevalence and diversity of haemoparasites in African Buffalo from the Kruger National Park Assessing migration disruptions of South Africa's southern
right whale (Eubalaena australis) using radiocarbon analysis
Does Anopheles funestus feeding frequency increase under artificial lighting used in households? The role of the beak and unfeathered skin in thermoregulation in vultures
Supervisor: Prof. Armanda Bastos Supervisors: Prof. Stephan Woodborne, Dr Els Vermeulen Supervisor: Dr Bernard Coetzee Supervisor: Prof. Andrew McKechnie
Dené Visser      
The effect of pitfall trap size and configuration on sampling ant assemblages in grasslands, and the change in ant community over time      
Supervisor: Prof. Mark Robertson      


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