Current Honours cohort

Bachelor of Science Honours in Entomology

Christopher Barnard Johann de Beer Keandra Langston Elke Meyer

Development of fall armyworm and damage it causes on heat-stressed maize plants expressing various traits

Does natural vegetation enhance pollinator efficiency of non-native or nearby vegetation? Varying substrate for mealworm growth efficiency Effect of microclimates on insect diversity in native vegetation
Supervisors: Prof. Kerstin Krüger, Prof. Chris Weldon Supervisors: Prof. Christian Pirk, Prof. Catherine Sole, Dr Ida Breed Supervisor: Dr Yusuf Abdullahi Ahmed Supervisors: Prof. Christian Pirk, Prof. Catherine Sole, Dr Ida Breed
Tania Pogue Dylan Pullock    
Patterns of sperm storage, fertility and remating in Ceratitis species (Diptera:Tephritidae) with varying lifespan Does larval and adult diet affect fruit fly thermal tolerance?    
Supervisors: Prof. Chris Weldon, Dr Kévin Malod Supervisors: Prof. Chris Weldon, Dr Kévin Malod    

Bachelor of Science Honours in Wildlife Management

Tristan Baird Emma Evers Agathe Gervais Isma Kayiza

Testing the spatial avoidance hypothesis in arid areas: Do subordinate carnivores change?

Determining home range size and overlap of leopards (Panthera pardus) in Madikwe Game Reserve Testing the temporal avoidance hypothesis in arid areas: Do subordinate carnivores avoid dominant predators in time? Edge effects on mammal species presence and abundance in protected areas
Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Jan Venter, Dr Nokubonga Mggatsa Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Mark Keith, Dr Jan Venter, Dr Nokubonga Mggatsa Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Mark Keith, Dr Jan Venter, Dr Nokubonga Mggatsa Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Dr Jan Venter
Claudia Loucas Daniella Skinner Megan Roberts Marcelle van Greune
Large burrows cohabitation: insights from molecular and camera trap data Comparing economic value and ecological footprint of different wildlife uses in the Associated Priate Nature Reserves Isotopic niche width of two bat species in relation to food availability in the Meletse mountain and Hennops River areas. Environmental factors underlying fusion-fission dynamics of lion prides in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park
Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers and Prof. Armanda Bastos Supervisors: Dr Mark Keith, Lizanne Nel Supervisor: Dr Mark Keith Supervisors: Prof. Michael Somers, Dr Dave Druce, Dr Simon Chamaille-Jammes

Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology

Aidan Bellingan Marli Burger Cheryldene Damon Christoffel de Lange
Ongoing development of stable isotope analysis (δ13C & δ15N) as a forensic tool to regulate the illegal trade in Sungazer lizards (Smaug giganteus) Determining the effect of pollutants on stress levels of Cape clawless otters (Aonyx capensis) by using fecal glucocorticoids Taking the heat: Survival and activity thresholds of a plant virus vector Understanding how impala adjust their inter-scan intervals in response to varying levels of predation risk
Supervisor: Dr Grant Hall Supervisors: Prof. Andre Ganswindt, Dr Andrea Webster Supervisors: Prof. Kerstin Krüger, Prof. Chris Weldon Supervisors: Prof. Adrian Shrader, Dr Melissa Schmitt
Kayla Denbeigh Kara du Plessis Armand Engelbrecht Renaté Grobler
Host and microbial signatures of structure and diversity in Panthera leo Habituation or sensitisation: Are South African impala (Aepyceros melampus) thriving or just getting by? Determining the feeding dynamics of the invasive house mouse (Mus musculus) on Marion Island using stable isotope analysis Does percieved predation risk travel through a fence
Supervisor: Prof. Armanda Bastos Supervisors: Prof. Andre Ganswindt, Jawi Ramahlo, Bruce Crossey Supervisors: Prof. Chris Chimimba, Dr Grant Hall, Prof. Peter le Roux Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Shrader
Liamé Marais Kajol Mewalal Jabulile Mzizi Jordan Netherlands
Do seasonal changes in food resources predict breeding phenology and reproductive success in southern pied babblers (Turdoides bicolor) Spatial heterogeneity and environmental drivers of recruitment in large herbivore populations Dominance in ant communities and the implications for range-shifting species Inter-specific use of burrows in mesic savannah environments
Supervisors: Prof. Andrew McKechnie, Dr Grant Hall Supervisor: Prof. Adrian ShraderDr Simon Chamaille-Jammes Supervisor: Prof. Mark Robertson, Dr Tom Rhys Bishop Supervisors: Dr Darren Pieterson, Prof. Armanda Bastos
Kayla Osburn Loraine Shuttleworth Lara Strydom Biance Teseling
Establishing a noninvasive technique to monitor faecal glucocorticoid metabolite levels to measure stress in striped hyena (Hyaena hyaena) Severe decrease in genetic variation due to over exploitation in the critically endangered South African endemic sparid, Polysteganus undulosis Avian thermal refugia in the southern African arid zone The role of large herbivore movements in shaping seed or nutrient dispersal kernels
Supervisor: Prof. Andre Ganswindt Supervisor: Dr Carel Oosthuizen Supervisor: Prof. Andrew McKechnie Supervisor: Prof. Adrian Schrader, Dr Simon Chamaille-Jammes
Marjorie Tournut Caitlin van der Merwe Kyra Wallace  
Chemistry of honeybees on Reunion Island Determinants of area avoidance by Southern elephant seals Putting the HOT in hottentotus: thermoregulation by two sub-species of the African mole-rat, Cryptomys hottentotus  
Supervisor: Prof. Christian Pirk Supervisor: Prof. P. J. Nico de Bruyn, Dr Cheryl Tosh Supervisor: Dr Daniel HartProf. Nigel Bennett  


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