PhD in Entomology

Miss Ishtiag Abdalla Mohammed Evolution and recent speciation in two disparate endemic South African insect genera: Macroderes (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) and Nemopterella (Neuroptera: Nemopteridae)
Mr Abdelmutalab Ahmed Future distribution and life history traits of three major insect pests of Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica L.) in East Africa: risk assessment in light of global warming
Mr Istifanus Aiki Diversity, nesting behaviour and chemical ecology of termites in a Nigerian savannah
Miss Akua Antwi-Agyakwah  
Mr Mahukpe Ayelo  
Miss L. Cathy Bester Temperature, pesticides and honeybees: A hot mess?
Mr Christian Deschodt  
Mr Marc du Plessis Eucalyptus for forestry and bee forage: pollination biology and floral resources of past and present commercial plantings in South Africa
Mr Quentin Guignard Chemical and visual ecology of the european woodwasp, Sirex noctilio
Miss Iman Hassaballa Evaluation of entomopathogenic nematodes as bio-control agents in the management of white grubs in forestry and sugarcane plantations of South Africa
Miss Agil Katumanyane  
Miss Caroline Kung'u  
Mr Rifilwe Modiba  
Miss Fiona Mumoki Using functional genomics to provide insights into social parasitism by Cape honey bee clonal workers based on mandibular gland pheromones (Apis mellifera capensis Esch.)
Miss Olabimpe Olaide  
Miss Elisa Pal Biology and management of Bathycoelia natalicola associated with macadamia orchards in South Africa
Mr Bernard Steve Soh Baleba Olfactory preferences of gravid female stable flies, Stomoxys calcitrans L. (Diptera: Muscidae) and its fitness consequences

PhD in Wildlife Management

Miss Mariette Pretorius  

PhD in Zoology

Miss Amanda Adlam Anthropogenic disturbances on the trophic structure and distribution of fishes in southern Africa
Miss Morgane Brachet  
Dr Tatenda Chiuya  
Miss Shannon Conradie Modelling the responses of desert birds to climate change, integrating thermal landscapes, energy and water fluxes and behavioural decisions and trade-offs
Mr Marc Freeman Assessing the influence of biogeographic variation on avian thermoregulation across three broad-biome types
Mr PJ Jacobs  
Mr Rowan Jordaan Killer whale (Orcinus orca) demography at subantarctic Marion Island
Mr Ryno Kemp A mechanistic model of climate change impacts on the threatened arid-zone Red lark (Calendulauda burra)
Mr Kyle Lloyd The life history of male southern elephant seals, Mirounga leonina
Mr Nico Lübcker Role of trophic influences, nutritional status, endocrine response on amino acid metabolism and reproduction of mammals
Miss Lerato Maimela Evidence-based evaluation of ecological and socio-economic benefits and/or impacts of trout introductions in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa
Miss Masoko Malesa  
Miss Morgan Martin  
Mr Saeed Mohammadi Contributions of life history traits on the genetic structure of host and parasite populations in South Africa
Miss Nonhlanhla Nduna  
Miss Celiwe Ngcamphalala Glucocorticoid concentrations as a measure of avian stress: assessing the welfare of birds in research and at high temperatures
Mr Matthew Noakes Phenotypic and genotypic sources of variation in the thermal physiology of a passerine bird
Miss Anne Pandraud  
Miss Mmatsawela Ramahlo Seasonal endocrine correlates, behaviour, diet and diversity in rodents across transformed and pristine ecosystems in the Magaliesberg
Mr Tobias Süess A comparison of the population biology, diet, body and burrow temperature of two social subspecies of Cryptomys hottentotus
Miss Vanessa Wanja Kamgang Reproductive activity and endocrine correlates of roan antelope (Hippotragus equinus)
Miss Andrea Webster Monitoring DDT and trace metal contamination in the faeces of wild mammals to evaluate terrestrial ecosystem health


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