Research facilities

The Department of Zoology and Entomology has specialised equipment and facilities to permit a wide range of field and laboratory-based research. Arrangements can be made for postgraduate students, postdocs and visitors to the Department to make use of these facilities. Enquire with the relevant contacts for further information.

Small Animal Physiological Research Facility 

The Small Animal Physiological Research Facility consists of 10 temperature- and humidity-controlled rooms, plus several additional rooms for storage, food preparation and research activities. The temperature, humidity and lighting in the rooms are fully programmable and controlled via custom-written software. Five of the rooms are capable of maintaining any temperature between zero and 50˚C.

Contacts: Prof. Nigel BennettProf Andrew McKechnie

Molecular genetics laboratory


Contacts: Prof. Armanda Bastos, Dr. Catherine Sole, Mrs Stokana Mahapa (First Technical Assistant)

Histology laboratory/Microscopy


Contacts: Prof. Nigel Bennett, Mrs Marna Ferreira (Control Technical Assistant), Mrs Stokana Mahapa (First Technical Assistant)

Behaviour tracking and analysis equipment

We have video-recording equipment to observe animal behaviour in a range of arena types, as well as licenses for Noldus The Observer and Ethovision XT (base and multi-arena module).

Contacts: Prof. Nigel Bennett, Prof. Kerstin Krüger, Dr. Chris Weldon

Chemical ecology equipment

We have equipment for headspace and volatile entrainment techniques, Y-maze and four-choice olfactometers, and access to GC-MS and GC-EAD.

Contacts: Prof. Kerstin Krüger, Prof. Christian Pirk

Physiology equipment

The Department houses equipment for the study of animal energetics, insect flight, nutrition, water and thermal relations, and endocrine and neuroendocrine function.

Contacts: Prof. Nigel Bennett, Prof. Andrew McKechnie, Prof. Sue Nicolson, Dr. Chris Weldon

Field vehicles

Contact: Mr Thlogi Selaledi (Control Technical Assistant)

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