The Bachelor of Science Honours (BScHons) is designed to provide you with skills you will need to develop a successful career as a practising natural scientist employed as a consultant, manager or researcher.

In our Department, we offer three specialisations in the BScHons: Zoology, Entomology, and Wildlife Management. The Honours course in each specialisation involves the completion of a self-contained research project complemented by a range of coursework modules. The results of the research project are presented as a written thesis, as well as reported to the Department at its Annual General Meeting as a poster and oral presentation.

The BScHons course is presented on a full-time basis within a single academic year. The course comprises a total of six modules. For BScHons in Zoology, three modules (BME 780, ZEN 701, ZEN 713) are compulsory and an additional three choice modules are selected. For BScHons in Entomology, the same three modules are compulsory and three choice modules must be selected, but at least one choice module must be entomological in nature (either ZEN 707 or 782). Compulsory and choice modules are listed below. Choice modules are only offered if enough students register for them. For BScHons in Wildlife Management, all modules listed in the programme information linked below must be taken.

For further information, contact one of the Honours Coordinators:

Prof. Christian Pirk or Prof. Adrian Shrader (Entomology or Zoology)

Dr Mark Keith (Wildlife Management)

Bachelor of Science Honours in Entomology

Programme information

Bachelor of Science Honours in Zoology

Programme information

Bachelor of Science Honours in Wildlife Management

Programme information


Module code and name Credits Coordinator(s)
BME 780 Statistics for Biological Sciences 15  
ZEN 701 Research project 68  
ZEN 703 Systematics, evolution and biogeography 13 Prof. Catherine Sole
ZEN 704 Environmental physiology 13 Dr Marietjie Oosthuizen
ZEN 707 Integrated pest management in Africa 13 Dr Chris Weldon
ZEN 710 Mammal ecology 13 Prof. Adrian Shrader
ZEN 712 Behavioural ecology 13 Dr Abdullahi Ahmed Yusuf
ZEN 713 Scientific communication 13 Prof. Christian Pirk
ZEN 782 Insect-plant interactions 13 Dr Almuth Hammerbacher
ZEN 783 Global climate change and biodiversity 13 Prof. Mark Robertson
ZEN 784 Contemporary research techniques 13 Prof. Andrew McKechnie


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