Prof. Catherine Sole

PhD in Entomology, University of Pretoria

BScHons in Entomology, University of Pretoria

BSc in Zoology, University of Pretoria


Professor - Systematic and Evolutionary Entomology

Office: 3-7. First Floor, Zoology Building

Phone: +27 (0)12 420-3236

Email: [email protected]

Researcher ID: A-9200-2012

Molecular systematic and evolutionary zoology

My research is driven by the power of molecular techniques in testing evolutionary processes at various levels: population, species and higher taxa with special focus on invertebrates. I aim to find common evolutionary patterns in different taxa that reflect landscape and phylogenetic changes; and linking them to climatic, biogeographic and geological changes.

I am affiliated with the University of Pretoria Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI) to which I contribute entomological capacity and expertise.


Postdoctoral  researchers


Dr Alan Burke. Claude Leon Postdoctoral Fellow

Postgraduate students


Miss Ishtiag Abdalla. PhD in Entomology

Miss Iman Hassaballa Brema. PhD in Entomology

Mr Christian Deschodt. PhD in Entomology

Miss Caroline Kung'u. PhD in Entomology

Miss Bridget Nduna. PhD in Zoology

Miss Elmé Brand. MSc in Zoology

Miss Shannon Mitchell. MSc in Zoology

Miss Audrey Ndaba. MSc in Entomology

Miss Agata Morelli. BSc Honours in Entomology


Dr Gimo Daniel. PhD in Entomology (2019)

Dr Vincent Nyasembe. PhD in Entomology (2017)

Dr Louwtjie Snyman. PhD in Entomology (2017)

Miss Elmé Brand. BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2017)

Miss Shannon Mitchell. BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2017)

Mr Deon Bakkes. MSc in Entomology (2016), BSc (Honours) in Entomology (2013)

Miss Caitlyn Nauschutz. BSc (Honours) in Entomology (2016)

Mr Alex Nepomuceno. BSc (Honours) in Entomology (2016)

Miss Anneke Schoeman. BSc (Honours) in Entomology (2016)

Dr Eunice Owino. PhD in Entomology (2015)

Miss Sarah Newman. BSc (Honours) in Entomology (2015)

Mr Corneile Minnaar. MSc in Zoology (2014), BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2010)

Dr David Tchouassi. PhD in Entomology (2013)

Miss Alida de Flamingh. MSc in Zoology (2013)

Miss Angelika Switala. MSc in Entomology (2013)

Dr Sukoluhle Mlambo. PhD in Entomology (2011)

Miss Taryn Bright. BSc (Honours) in Zoology (2008)

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