Mandela Week 2019

Posted on July 23, 2019

Mandela day is widely known throughout South Africa as a day of giving back to those around you. This
year, UP RAG decided to not limit this act of giving back to only one day but to a whole week hence the creation of Mandela Week.

This week is dedicated to encouraging the student community to give back and leave their mark on the people around them. 15-19 July was the official Mandela Week for the year 2019. The week consisted of creating awareness of giving around campus and asking students to pledge their commitment to giving back by placing their hand print on the UP tree of life. This tree symbolises that, together, we as the UP community grow towards a better tomorrow and we can make a difference. The tree was visited by
hundreds of UP students and staff who left their mark and pledged their contribution.

UP RAG is responsible for facilitating the community and civic engagement of the University
structures and lending a helping hand when needed. On Mandela Day,18 July 2019, UP RAG helped
raise awareness for the structures on campus who were participating in the day. There were
residences, day houses and faculty houses participating and leaving their mark in the hearts of those
around them by collecting donations, having soup kitchens and even giving compliments to people
walking by.

Mandela week 2019 was a huge success. The UP tree grew and so did the awareness of the
importance of giving back.

- Author Jeanre du Plessis
Published by Obakeng Moropa

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