SCU Mental Health Awareness Series


The Student Counselling Unit (SCU) is passionate and committed to promoting greater awareness about the importance of Mental Health.

We also believe that it's important to equip our students with various skills and coping mechanisms that can help them achieve higher levels of mental health, academic success and optimal wellbeing in the various areas of their life.

As such, we have launched a Mental Health Awareness Series with important mental health topics for each month of the year starting from March to November this year. Check out our website regularly for user friendly resources.

Please note that our Mental Health Awareness resources does not replace therapy with a registered health care provider. The resources is an informatinal addtion to your mental health resource toolbox. To stay informed about various mental health resources available to you, which may include a committment to personal therapy if indicated and necessary, please peruse the rest of out website at your leisure. 


Our Mental Health Awareness theme for March is "Success with Online Learning during Covid-19". We all experience challenges when working from home or our residence rooms during lock-down. 

Click on the links below to see the posters that relate to Boundaries and Communication, Coping during COVID and Studying from Home. This information is generted to help you on your journey to succeed with online learning this year.

1. Boundaries and Communication   //

2. Coping during COVID   //

3. Studying from home   //


Our Mental Health Awareness theme for April is "Connection". Please click on the links below to read some content regarding Family relations, Relationships and Coping with grief and loss. We hope this will be of value to you. 

1. Family relations     


2. Relationships   //

3. Coping with Grief and Loss  //


The months of May and June are known to be filled with academic deadlines, tests and finally exams. Please see the posters below to help you with test preparation, the symtpoms of burnout, and coping with stress.

1. Test preparation  //

2. Coping with Burnout  //

3. Coping with Stress  //


During June, we celebrate Youth, Pride & Diversity and Embracing our own identities! Please click on the posters below and use it to ponder on and start a conversation on these important topics. 

1. Let's celebrate Youth   //

2. Pride Month!   //

3. Embracing and building your own identity   //


July is often associated with tests and exams. Yet, it doesn't have to be all bad!  Please see our information on how to self-manage during a time when stress is inevitable! Good luck with the studies from the SCU team!

1. Managing stress during tests and exams  //

2. Healthy versus unhealthy ways to manage stress  //

3. Time management  //


August is women's month in South Africa. We wish to celebrate women,  so we have a poster about how to envelope yourself in compassion and selfcare! Enjoy these tips and tricks!

However, we would also like to raise awareness of the tragic plight many women endure in the form of Gender Based Violence and ingnorance about consent issues. Please read our posters and discuss these important topics wiht your fellow students. Lets raise awareness together and break the silence. 

1. Self-compassion   //

2. Gender Based Violence -There's  No Excuse for Abuse   //  

3. Important facts about Consent   //


During September we are gearing up towards Mental Health Awareness Month, which is celebrated wordlwide in October, We would like to invite you to really think about making mental health part of your everyday life so that you can become your "best possible self". We also hope you will think about a crucial mental health skill, namely self-care, in times when we hardly have time to do anything but study! Lastly we would like to be sure that our students do not fall into a substance abuse trap. We hope you find something to think and  talk about in our current poster series!

1.  Making Mental Health part of Everyday Life //

2. Mental Health and Self care //

3. Tips to help Prevent Substance Abuse //


October is mental health awareness month. The World Health organisation declared that it is a month "to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health". The 10th of October is mental health day with the theme "Mental health care for all: Let's make it a reality". Visit for more information.

Feel free to download our very own poster by clicking on the links below. Set it as your Profile Pic - let us share the importance of this day amongst the UP Community, family and friends.

We have also added a poster on Fighting Mental Health Stigma and how being in Nature helps mental healh (seeing as October in Pretoria with the beautiful Jacarandas, is really a glorius month!) 

1. Mental Health Awareness Month


2. Let's fight the Stigma


3. Mental health and Nature




The SCU wishes all students the very best during the examinations. Please manage your lifestyle well, combat stress and give yourself the best chance to achieve the results you worked for! Please read our posters on managing stress during exams, challenging any unhelpful thoughts that may pop up during this time and how to finish strong! Good luck, everyone!

1. Exam preparation and stress management //

2. Challenge unhelpful thoughts  //

3. Finishing strong!  //



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