Monthly Well-being Challenge to our Student Community


The Student Counselling Unit (SCU) is passionate and committed to promoting greater awareness about the importance of Mental Health.

We also believe that it's important to equip our students with various skills and coping mechanisms that can help them achieve higher levels of mental health, academic success and optimal wellbeing in the various areas of their life.

As such, we have launched a monthly Mental Health Challenge which high-lights important mental health topics. Visit our website regularly to find a topic to focus on for the month. These are user friendly resources to ponder and discuss.

Please note that our Mental Health Awareness resources does not replace therapy with a registered health care provider. The resources are an informational addition to your mental health toolbox. To stay informed about various alternative mental health options available to you, which may include a commitment to personal therapy if indicated and where necessary. Please peruse the rest of our website at your leisure.​ 



Resilience Competition 

Resilience Ambassadors Booklet 2022/23
Take a moment to read these incredibly inspiring stories of Resilience. 
This is a special collection of resilience stories written by UP students who took part in the Student Counselling Unit’s (SCU) 2022 Resilience Competition. Click here  to read the top 8 entries


This month we focus on Mental Health Awareness Month


  1. Your emotions are valid
  2. Your relational well-being 
  3. Asking for help is a sign of strength and resilience
  4. High stress levels and adverse life events
  5. Mental health problems can affect anyone 
  6. Optimal mental health
  7. Make time for rest, relaxation. hobbies and fun, starting today


This month we focus on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention

  1. What is Mental Health/Mental Wellbeing?
  2. Understanding Depression
  3. Suicide Prevention (Bonus Poster)

AUGUST  2022

This month we focus on Gender-Based Violence (GBV), Healthy Masculinity and Healthy Relationships

  1. Gender-Base Violence (GBV)?
  2. Healthy Masculinity
  3. Healthy Relationships

JULY  2022

This month we focus on Substance Awareness

  1. Get Real About Drugs
  2. Drugs No More
  3. Break The Chain

JUNE  2022

In the months of June and July, we focus on tests and exams - we are all very aware of that! We have put together some useful tips for managing the challenges that may be related to the coming weeks. Please stay focused, motivated, and set out with a positive mind-set. You will be surprised at what you can get right, if you just persist. We wish you the very best

  1. Test and exam prep
  2. Managing test and exam stress


At the SCU we are very aware of identity, diversity, and inclusivity. We would like to help transform the UP landscape so that everyone is celebrated and all our students feel welcome and included. We know that students have questions about gender, identity and sexuality. As such, we would like to use this opportunity to bring you two bonus posters in June, with important information on these topics. 

  1. Discovering your identity
  2. Gender Identity and Sexuality

MAY 2022

We are building the resilience of our UP Community. A mentally fit community can prevail during difficult times. We can never guarantee you a stress-free student life, but we can assure that you know how to manage stress and cope in difficult situations. Pay attention to these tips: build your resilience and really implement the content in your daily life. If you are consistent in building your coping skills and styles, it will pay off in the end. 

  1. What is resilience?
  2. Building your resilience

APRIL 2022

This month we focus on relational wellbeing. We are all in relationships - with significant others, in our family and with our community. Some relationships are trickier than others! Please read and share our posters, and think about how you can improve your relational health

  1. What is relational wellbeing
  2. Healthy family relationships
  3. Positive peer and community relationships

MARCH 2022

March is Human Rights month, with South Africans celebrating our rainbow nation on the 21st of March every year. South Africans have come a long way in fostering a culture of respect for all the people inhabiting our beautiful country. This month the SCU wishes to open the conversation relating to diversity and human rights with three topical posters: Human Rights and Diversity, Human Rights and Disability and respecting our Cultures. Share it, showcase it and discuss it. We hope this leads to constructive conversations. The Student Counselling Unit (SCU) is passionate and committed to promoting greater awareness about the importance of Mental Health.

  1. Human rights and Diversity
  2. Human Rights and Disability
  3. Respecting culture


Welcome to the new academic year! The mental health theme for the first month is adjusting well to university. This is aimed not only at the first years, but also at the seniors after a long lockdown. We offer some personal and academic tips to help you to hit the ground running. There are study tips for undergraduate and postgraduate students. If the font is too small, please download the poster to enlarge or use the + sign on a keyboard. 

  1.  Adjusting well to University Life
  2.  Study Skills for Undergraduates
  3.  Study Skills for Postgraduates














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