Service Management Automation

Service Management Automation is becoming a key enabler of transformation and modernization efforts, with organisations moving to automate user-centric processes to improve customer, client and employee satisfaction, while saving money and improving productivity.

Service Management Automation is one-way organisations can rationalise processes to reduce the cost of technical and business service, while improving organisational productivity by eradicating redundancy and ordinary tasks. By automating ITSM functions, organisations can advance the quality of service and customer experience through appropriate prioritisation and governance.

The benefits of Service Management Automation for an organisation, and deployed for our University community, includes:

       1. Automated ticketing systems for IT help desks:

One of the most commonly automated functions is incident ticketing. Automation tools help apply proper incident escalation and ticket categorization, and can even auto-resolve tickets through automation scripts.

       2. Automating Service Management workflows:

Much of what ITSM tools automate are among the easiest, most redundant tasks. Such efforts don’t often provide evident cost savings, but it’s important to understand what your company can gain from staff who are freed to work on more complex projects.

       3. Faster change management processes:

Because new systems and strategies can be disruptive to business, effective change management is a must. Service Management Automation is serving organisations make efficient transitions.

       4. Improving your customer experience and satisfaction

Service Management Automation allows you to deliver a more personalised experience and to deliver it much faster. This is a very powerful combination — delivering exactly what the customer wants and in a much faster manner.

       5. Knowledge artefacts and artificial communication entity (chatbot) function:

With the Service Management Automation solution, we provide service orientated self-help knowledge artefacts which are purposefully created in delivering rich content for self-help opportunities by the user. Furthermore, the chatbot functionality enables conversation flows which allows the users to get to an ultimate outcome based on a specific service request.

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