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    RE.SEARCH Issue 3: Renew

    Welcome to the third issue of, RE.SEARCH. The first two issues looked at ‘Sustainability’ and ‘Innovation’. Issue 3 looks at how we can ‘Renew’ our ways of thinking and grow possibilities. This edition features research that should excite everyone from the Beyhive to forensic pathology enthusiasts to understanding new ways of work. It is now available online.

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    ‘Ubuntu’s Implications for Philosophical Ethics'

    Is there one thing that all morally wrong actions have in common? Western philosophers have searched for an answer to that question for nearly 400 years, and have focused on the features of causing harm, on the one hand, and degrading autonomy,on the other. Prof Metz considers how we could answer the question by appealing to the southern African ethic of ubuntu, and argues that its implications...

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    Young theologians debate current issues in sacred spaces

    The Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Pretoria promotes life-affirming values by seeking to advance worldviews that are constructive, critical, relevant, contextual and engaging.

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    Is the Bible dangerous?

    Throughout history, people have killed in the name of God. God’s name has been, and continues to be used to legitimise wars, genocide and even apartheid.

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    Faculty of theology presents cross-disciplinary, inter-religious study

    The Department of Science of Religion in the Faculty of Theology at the University of Pretoria (UP), in association with the Muslim Education Institute Trust (MEIT), recently held a conference on one of the Timbuktu Manuscripts, viz the text dealing with Alexander the Great and Dhul Qarnain.

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    Groundbreaking conference on the Dead Sea scrolls hosted at UP

    The Dead Sea Scrolls for the first time received exclusive attention at a South African conference when the Department of Old Testament Studies in UP’s Faculty of Theology hosted a Qumran Conference on 28 and 29 May 2015.

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