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    Moo-nlight Sonata: UP study finds that cows soothed by classical music produce more milk

    A University of Pretoria (UP) study has shown that playing soothing classical music to dairy cows lowers their stress levels and increases their milk production.

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    Moo-sic to the ears

    Take a look at what happened behind the scenes to help a University of Pretoria researcher figure out that cows love classical moo-sic.

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    RE.SEARCH Issue 4: Transdisciplinary

    Our latest issue of RE.SEARCH is out and focuses on how the University of Pretoria (UP) is implementing transdisciplinary research to co-create new knowledge to develop solutions and design new futures for us all.

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    UP scientist joins call to protect Southern Ocean

    The Southern Ocean around Antarctica needs urgent protection – for the sake of the rest of the world. This marine wilderness is threatened by climate change and commercial fisheries, says University of Pretoria (UP) macro-ecologist Dr Luis Pertierra, an expert on the natural value of the Antarctic.

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    Southern Ocean fact sheet

    Did you know that 70% of the world's freshwater is held in Antarctica's ice? This is just one of the reasons why the Southern Ocean around Antarctica needs urgent protection. Learn more Southern Ocean facts with this infographic.

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    Save our seas

    Climate change and commercial fishing is putting Earth’s most southern waters – and the planet itself – at risk. UP macro-ecologist Dr Luis Pertierra has joined the global call to better protect the Southern Ocean by banning fishing in Antarctic waters, among other measures.

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