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    Nearly half of South Africa’s live music workers may quit the industry for good

    For people working in South Africa’s live music sector, 2020 has been “devastating”. That was the term that researchers read most frequently in responses to the country’s largest-ever live music and COVID-19 survey, published in November. As one respondent put it: "I have lost everything. All income, accommodation – everything".

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    Science fiction offers a useful way to explore China-Africa relations

    In 2007 the then President of China, Hu Jintao, delivered a speech to South Africans acknowledging the benefits of a strategic partnership. He also stressed that the connection is not merely pragmatic. It must, he argued, serve to honour and deepen the countries’ long abiding friendship in the future.

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    Javett-UP is now open to the public

    A partnership between the Javett Foundation and UP, the Centre aims to engage students and the public with the creativity and diversity of local and international art and artists. It is an inspirational space where exhibitions, events and performances will enrich society.

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    Art and literature are key to learning: A World of Answers

    In this episode we look at how art and literature have been key to social change and are key to learning and why retelling our most painful and exciting stories has helped in owning our narrative. Professor Molly Brown, head of the Department of English; and playwright, Mike van Graan speak to Aubrey Masango.

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    The past, the present and the future at UP

    At a time when the arts are claiming their rightful place among the most sought after 4IR subjects – what we refer to as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) – we are thrilled to be opening the Javett-UP Art Centre on our South Campus.

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    Research explores the role of music in ballet dancers' experience of flow

    A research interest in the concept of the well-being of performers led Dr Clorinda Panebianco, senior lecturer in the Department of Music, to conduct a qualitative study with professional ballet dancers to investigate the role of music in their experience of flow.

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