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    RE.SEARCH Issue 5: Impact

    This issue of RE.SEARCH looks at the impact of the University of Pretoria's research from early childhood interventions and the use of traditional medicines for holistic nursing to the role of women in peacekeeping efforts. The issue also provides insight into the critical question of coal power supply and how it will affect the economic opportunities of communities in the future.

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    Not yet uhuru: the African Union has had a few successes but remains weak

    The African Union (AU) was born in the South African port city of Durban in 2002. Under its first chair, Thabo Mbeki, African leaders seemed determined to abandon the grandiose plans of its predecessor, the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). The OAU had been established in 1963 to promote African unity and liberation. Other aims included: to protect the territorial integrity of its member...

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    New book on Mapungubwe Archive contests history of South African world heritage site

    Mapungubwe is a world heritage site and national park located on the border between South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. From about 1000 AD the settlement there developed into a major African state before being abandoned by the 1300s. Mapungubwe has been the subject of diverse scientific enquiry and archaeological research since the early 1930s.

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    Re.Search Issue 2: Innovation

    Innovation is the next step forward. The innovations highlighted in this edition show us that the knowledge we create today is a step forward to future.

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    Greater good guides generosity

    Can the government communicate more effectively with people to encourage them to contribute more to initiatives such as the Solidarity Fund? By better understanding the factors that will nudge citizens into action, it can.

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    South Africans' willingness to contribute to public good

    Research from the University of Pretoria shows that South Africans are more willing to contribute to a cause if they believe that their donation will have a greater impact on society. In this episode we learn how the generosity of South Africans impacts on our lives.

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