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    Moo-sic to the ears

    Take a look at what happened behind the scenes to help a University of Pretoria researcher figure out that cows love classical moo-sic.

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    A day in the life of a research scientist in Antarctica

    Explore this gallery to experience a day in the life of research scientists in Antarctica. Antarctica's ice mass is enormous, and melting continental ice will have dramatic effects on oceanic flow patterns and global seal levels. Antarctica is also the last “pristine” continent in that it remains largely unaffected by human activity, which is why conservation is imperative.

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    Elephant movement maps

    This gallery features photography of elephants in their natural habitat by Prof Rudi van Aarde and a map showing where their preferred areas are based on the elephants' movement patterns.

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    Save our seas

    Climate change and commercial fishing is putting Earth’s most southern waters – and the planet itself – at risk. UP macro-ecologist Dr Luis Pertierra has joined the global call to better protect the Southern Ocean by banning fishing in Antarctic waters, among other measures.

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    Termites' sensitivity to temperature affects global wood decay rate

    Through this study, researchers learned that termites are pivotal when it comes to breaking down wood, contributing to the earth’s carbon cycle. They also discovered that termites are significantly sensitive to temperature and rainfall; this means that as temperatures rise, the insect’s role in wood decay will likely expand beyond the tropics.

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    How orange-fleshed sweet potato flour is milled

    Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes can be used to address micronutrient deficiencies, but are only available for two to three weeks a year. Researchers at the University of Pretoria are trying to prolong availability of the nutrient benefits by milling it into flour using various drying techniques to see which method preserves the nutrients best.

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