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    Domesticated cattle are fast food for lions

    Lions show specific preferences for particular cattle types. They exploit cattle when available and repeatedly kill cattle in areas where they are left unguarded or unprotected, also targeting animals that are easiest to catch. Lion populations across Africa have dropped precipitously over the past century, putting them at risk of local extinction in some areas, especially when they move out of...

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    Max, the macaw, gets a new 3D-printed beak

    Professor Gerhard Steenkamp, a veterinary specialist in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery at the University of Pretoria's Faculty of Veterinary Science, has given Max a new 3D-printed beak.

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    Young theologians debate current issues in sacred spaces

    The Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Pretoria promotes life-affirming values by seeking to advance worldviews that are constructive, critical, relevant, contextual and engaging.

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    Novel immobilising drug combinations

    A team from UP’s Faculty of Veterinary Science, in collaboration with the Brain Function Research Group at Wits University and the SANParks Veterinary Wildlife Services team, conducted research in the Kruger National Park to find new combinations of drugs for immobilizing animals.

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    Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic Hospital

    The faculty’s Skills Laboratory creates an engaging, stress-free learning environment in which veterinary students can become competent and confident in their clinical skills.

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    Close-ups of the gas rich galaxy group discovered by UP researcher using MeerKAT

    This large galaxy group is likely the most neutral hydrogen gas-rich group ever discovered, and it is the first time this group has been identified, despite residing in a very well-studied area of the sky.

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