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    The legacy of acid mine dumps

    The mining companies responsible for the pollution are often nowhere to be seen, but many Acid Mine Drainage clean-up technologies do exist. Clean-ups should take place in order to protect the right of citizens to a healthy environment and clean water.

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    Trapdoor spiders

    The aim of the Karoo BioGap study was to better understand the interconnected ecosystems and sensitive habitats of the notoriously under-surveyed arid region. The endeavour led to the description of various new species of trapdoor spiders. Have a look at some pictures from the field here.

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    A day in the life of a geologist

    Take a journey through some pictures from the field when UP scientists explored what lay beneath Mpumalanga's soil and rocks.

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    A day in the life of an archeologist at Great Zimbabwe

    Water security is currently among the most significant global challenges for human subsistence and environmental health. UP archeologists have discovered that during the middle ages, the people of Great Zimbabwe developed means to conserve water which could make for effective strategies in terms of water management and conservation today.

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    How to do a beak transplant on a vulture

    The beak of the female African white-backed vulture was crushed when she was hit by a car in March 2023. Have a look at how University of Pretoria researchers found a way to help her eat again.

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    Moo-sic to the ears

    Take a look at what happened behind the scenes to help a University of Pretoria researcher figure out that cows love classical moo-sic.

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