RE.SEARCH Issue 5: Impact

This edition focuses on the impact of the University of Pretoria’s (UP) research on a wide range of issues, from early childhood interventions and the use of traditional medicines for holistic nursing to the influence of Western culture on Xhosa beauty and fashion ideals, and the role of women in peacekeeping efforts. The issue also provides insight into the critical question of coal power supply and how it will affect the economic opportunities of communities in the future.

Our cover image symbolises the theme of impact and how we live up to our brand slogan of 'make today matter' by highlighting the difference that a postive impact that is actioned today can have on the future. 

This publication, was recently named a runner-up for Best External Publication at the South African Publication Forum Awards, a second runner-up for Best Interactive Digital Publication and a finalist for Corporate Publication of the Year. It also won certificates of excellence for writing, design and communication, among others.

RE.SEARCH and Research Matters make science accessible to wider audiences and demonstrate our high-quality research, the relevance of our studies and the impact we make.

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Click on the cover to open. Cover image shows a tree between a dead landscape and a lush one to show the impact of today on tomorrow.

April 17, 2023

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