WATCH: UP experts discuss coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

17 March 2020

As South Africa responds to the local spread of a global pandemic, University of Pretoria (UP) researchers are at the forefront of research into zoonotic diseases – which can be transmitted from animals to humans – via collaborative research between our Faculties of Health Sciences, Natural and Agricultural Sciences, and Veterinary Science.

And as COVID-19 spreads, the work of UP’s Centre for Viral Zoonoses (UP CVZ) has also become even more vital. The UP CVZ is a Centre of Excellence for research into viral zoonotic diseases, and pulls together research strengths in arbovirology, bat and other small mammal viral zoonotic diseases, rabies and rabies-related lyssaviruses, viral pathology, medical entomology and ecology, to uncover how these viruses transmit, inhabit, and what contains or cures them.

In the video below, some of UP’s leading experts from these Faculties and the UP CVZ explain COVID-19 and what it means for South Africa as the global pandemic spreads.

Click on the link below to view the discussion between some of the University of Pretoria’s experts: Professor Anton Stoltz (Head of the Division of Infectious Diseases in the Department of Internal Medicine); Professor Wanda Markotter (NRF-DSI South African Research Chair in Animal Infectious Diseases and Director of the Centre for Viral Zoonoses); and Professor Marietjie Venter (Head of the Zoonotic Arbo- and Respiratory Virus Research Programme at the Centre for Viral Zoonosis).