Nature conservation, wildlife and biodiversity: A World of Answers

In this episode we look at retaining biodiversity when it comes to our wildlife. Professor André Ganswindt, director of the Mammal Research Institute, and Professor Robin Crewe, professor of entomology at the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship; discuss what happens when animals go extinct and why it's so critical for us to be aware of conservation and animal welfare.

Professor Andre Ganswindt and Professor Robin Crewe

November 3, 2019

  • Professor André Ganswindt

Professor André Ganswindt has been involved in research at the University of Pretoria (UP) for the past 15 years, since completing his PhD at the University of Münster in Germany.

He says he chose to do research at a university in South...

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  • Professor Robin Crewe

Professor Robin Crewe was born in Johannesburg and studied at the University of Natal in Pietermaritzburg and at the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA for his PhD. For a period of ten years (1986-1996) he was the Director of the...

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