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The series unpacks the most pertinent topics in South Africa. In this episode we discuss whether transformation in higher education goes beyond race and ask ourselves: is gender dead? Dr Sithembile Mbete speaks to Aubrey Masango.

Dr Sithembile Mbete

September 9, 2019

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    University of Pretoria study reveals hand sanitisers in Gauteng and Tshwane to be substandard

    A scientist from the University of Pretoria (UP) has found that commercial, off-the-shelf hand sanitisers used by the public in Gauteng and Tshwane do not contain the recommended alcohol content, and are mostly incorrectly labelled according to local and international standards.

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    UP expert details the true, terrifying nature of lightning

    There is a common misconception that most lightning victims are struck directly by a “bolt” of lightning from the sky. But according to Professor Ryan Blumenthal, a senior specialist forensic pathologist at the University of Pretoria, less than 5% of victims are struck by the lightning flash itself;– most lighting-related deaths and injuries occur as a result of other lightning attachment...

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