Welcome to the Department of Radiography


"Our vision as a Radiography department is to advance the field through innovative technology, dynamic teaching and learning, community engagement, and a holistic approach to patient care."


Our mission as a Radiography university department is to provide access to the highest quality education, resources and training in order to promote student success and research output. We strive to develop and advance the field of radiography locally and internationally, through cutting-edge technology, collaboration and community engagement."

Our mission goals as the Radiography Department are to:

Foster a supportive and collaborative community within the department, by actively growing and nurturing positive interpersonal relationships among lecturers, students, and staff.

Continuously strive for excellence in research and publication, by providing opportunities and support for both staff and students to produce high-quality outputs.

Engage actively with other healthcare professionals within the School of Healthcare Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, and the University of Pretoria to promote interprofessional collaboration and learning.

Seek out and establish meaningful partnerships with radiographers and other relevant professionals, both nationally and internationally, to advance the field of radiography.

Actively promote the image of radiography as a vital and respected profession, both within South Africa and internationally, through public outreach, networking, and engagement with relevant stakeholders."




Excellence through innovation, collaboration and dedication



Our core values as the Radiography Department are:

A relentless pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work, including the integration of cutting-edge technology and best practices.

A commitment to integrity, which guides our decision-making and actions to ensure that we are always moving forward in an ethical and responsible manner.

A deep respect for humanity that informs all of our activities and interactions, both within the department and in our engagement with patients and the community.

A commitment to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, where all students and staff are respected and valued for their unique perspectives and contributions.

A deep sense of loyalty to the University of Pretoria and the School of Healthcare Sciences, demonstrated through active participation and engagement by both staff and students in departmental activities.

A caring ethos that is deeply embedded in our approach to theory and practice, and guides our interactions with patients and colleagues.

A collaborative mindset that encourages active engagement and partnerships among all stakeholders, to ensure that our department is always working towards its core functions effectively and efficiently."

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