Clinical Otosclerosis + Genetics in Blacks
Prof M Tshifularo

Benign cystic Parotid Gland mass in HIV/Aids  
Prof M Tshifularo

I sweat blood stained ear discharges; Bloody Otorrhea: Hematohidrosis  
Prof M Tshifularo

Dry Tonsillectomy  
Prof M Tshifularo

Prof M Tshifularo

Staging Parotid Poster
Prof Tshifularo

Arterial bleeding (bloody Otorrhea)  
Prof Tshifularo



Post-treatment surveillances in Head & Neck Cancer 
Dr LA Sibiya, Dr G Monama & Prof M Tshifularo

Intralesional Bleomycin injections in the treatment of benign Lymphoepithelial cysts of the Parotid Gland in HIV Positive Patients: Case Report
Dr G Monama & Prof M Tshifularo

Complications of Bacterial Sinusitis – Ten year institutional review
Prof M Tshifularo

South African Ear, Nose & Throat Review Journal
Prof Tshifularo (Editor + founder)

Allergy Rhinits
Dr L Govender

Oral Allergy Syndrome
Dr S Mosito

Nasal Polyposis
Dr C Tung

Ear-ache (Otalgia)
Dr JA Mansoor-Khosa

Acute Otitis Media  
Dr L Govender

Globus Pharyngeus
Dr A Makunga

The Stridolous Child
Dr E Botha

Acute Bacterial Sinusitis
Dr L Govender

Ear Trauma
Dr A Sibiya

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease
Dr A Makunga

An Overview of halitosis
Dr E Botha

Acute Bacterial Tonsillitis
Dr L Govender

Acute Pharyngolaryngotis (Hoarseness of the voice)
Dr J Kluge

Otitis Externa
Dr Maseko

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