Laboratory training

To assist students in their laboratory work within the Clean Energy Research Group, the following introductory training videos are available:


Temperature measurement

Temperature measuring devices

  • An overview of some basic methods of measuring temperature in our laboratories.

Thermocouple selection

  • An overview of the types of thermocouples available and when to use them.

Thermocouple preparation

  • How to weld and solder thermocouple ends together, and when to use these as opposed to sheathed thermocouples.

Thermocouple calibration

  • How a typical calibration might be performed using a thermal bath.

Connecting thermocouples into an Agilent DAQ

  • How to insert the thermocouples into the Agilent DAQ datacard.

Gathering data from the Agilent DAQ

  • How to get data from the Agilent DAQ software.


Uncertainty analysis

  • An overview of the theory and analysis of uncertainty of experimental measurements, with a focus on temperature measurements problems.


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