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Crypto Giants - Undergraduate Research Group

Crypto Giants is a group of young, enthusiastic, diverse and mathematically-minded individuals who are passionate about the complex properties of numbers as well as Mathematics as a whole and its application in daily life. They are embarking on a problem-solving journey by tackling various mathematical problems and research projects, which will help them to enhance their mathematical skills and analytical thinking processes, thus discovering different approaches to problems at hand.  They strive to learn more from the experts whom are willing to impart their knowledge to them concerning their different (research) fields.
The field of mathematics covered in these projects are the following: Elementary number theory, basic analysis, creative mathematics and logic and set theory.  The applications of the above fields are found in Cryptography(RSA) and Mathematical optics. Students are challenged to understand the basic theory of mathematics and applying it in physics, biology, finance and computer science for example.  The students challenged to solve Cryptography problems using Mathematica and Matlab, and to write their report using latex. They are also challenged to solve logic puzzles and discussions about logical fallacies forms part of the program. Fuzzy-logical problem-solving through lateral thinking is a structured session as well.
The program is structured to prepare students for honours level mathematics, and they are expected to present their literature review to the group and come up with their own examples where applicable.

Contact Person: Dr Mokhwetha Mabual at [email protected] or 012 - 420 6818

Crypto Giants raise awareness for Mathematics
Crypto Giants lend a helping hand
ISA Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation,
Prof Phakeng visits Crypto GiantsVisit to the National Laser Centre of the CSIR
Ikwekwezi FM interview and presentation by Ms Kgomotso  Mthimunye
Visit to the South African Reserve Bank College

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