Dr SY (Stéphane) Tchoumi


Tel: +27 12 420-6930
E-mail: [email protected]
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Office: Vetman Building

Academic qualifications: PhD (ENSAI-University of Ngaoundere, Cameroon)

Research interest: Mathematical modeling, with a particular interest for applications in epidemiology.



Publications over the past five years

Journal articles

J. C. Kamgang,V. C. Kamla, and S. Y. Tchoumi (2014) Modeling the Dynamics of Malaria Transmission with Bed Net Protection Perspective, Appl. Math. 5,3156-3205.
J. C. Kamgang and S. Y. Tchoumi (2015) A Model of the dynamic of transmission of malaria integrating SEIRS, SEIS, SIRS and SIS organization in the host-population, J. Appl. Anal. Comput. 5, 688-703.
S. Y. Tchoumi, J. C. Kamgang, D. Tieudjo and G. Sallet (2018) A basic general model of vector-borne diseases, Commun. Math. Biol. Neurosci. 2018:3.
Y. T. Kouakep, S. Y. Tchoumi, D. J. M. Fotsa, F. G. T. Kamba, D. Ngounou, E. Mboula, V. Kamla, J. C. Kamgang (2021) Modelling the anti-COVID19 individual or collective containment strategies in Cameroon, Appl. Math. Sci.15(2), 63-78.
S. Y. Tchoumi, Y. T. Kouakep, D. J. Fotsa Mbogne, J. C. Kamgang, V. C.Kamla, and D. Bekolle (2021). COVID-19 Modeling with Caution in Relaxing Control Measures And Possibilities of Several Peaks in Cameroon, Appl. Appl. Math. An International Journal (AAM) 16(1), 662-681.
S.Y. Tchoumi, M.L. Diagne, H. Rwezaura, J.M. Tchuenche, Malaria and COVID-19 co-dynamics: A mathematical model and optimal control, Appl.Math. Model. 99 (2021) 294-327.
S. Y. Tchoumi, Y T Kouakep, D J M Fotsa, F G T Kamba, J C Kamgang, D D E Houpa, Mathematical model for acquiring immunity to malaria: a PDE approach, Biomath
10 (2021), 2107227, http://dx.doi.org/10.11145/j.biomath.2021.07.227
S.Y. Tchoumi,Y. Kouakep-Tchaptchie, D. J. Fotsa-Mbogne, J. C. Kamgang and J. M. Tchuenche, Optimal control of a malaria model with longlastinginsecticide-treated nets, MMC, 1(4): 188–207 DOI:10.3934/mmc.2021018.
D. J. Fotsa-Mbogne, S. Y. Tchoumi, Y. Kouakep-Tchaptchie, V. C. Kamla, J.C. Kamgang, D. E. Houpa-Danga, S. Bowong-Tsakou, D. Bekolle, Estimation and optimal control of the multiscale dynamics of Covid-19: a case study from Cameroon,Nonlinear Dyn https://doi.org/10.1007/s11071-021-06920-3
H. Rwezaura, S.Y. Tchoumi, J.M. Tchuenche, Impact of environmental transmission and contact rates on Covid-19 dynamics: A simulation study,  Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 27 (2021) 100807
M. L. Diagne, H. Rwezaura, S. Y. Tchoumi , and J. M. Tchuenche    A Mathematical Model of COVID-19 with Vaccination and Treatment,  Computational and Mathematical Methods in Medicine, 2021
S. Y. Tchoumi , H. Rwezaura, M. L. Diagne, G. Gonzalez-Parra and J. M.Tchuenche, Impact of Infective Immigrants on COVID-19 Dynamics, Math.Comput. Appl. 2022, 27, 11. https://doi.org/10.3390/mca27010011
S. Y. Tchoumi,E.Z. Dongmo, J.C. Kamgang, J.M. Tchuenche, Dynamics of a two-group,Informatics in Medicine Unlocked 29 (2022) 100897

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