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Tel: +27 12 420 2874
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E-mail: [email protected]
Position: Professor
Office: Botany 2-10

Academic qualifications: Lic (José Varona, Havana), MSc, PhD (Univ of Natal)

Fields of interests:  Finite Group Theory,  Algebraic Coding Theory, Combinatorial Design Theory and Algebraic Graph Theory

Research interests: Modular representation theory of finite groups, automorphism groups of designs/codes, permutation decoding

NRF Rating: C1

ORCID: Bernardo Rodrigues (0000-0002-1349-0219) - ORCID


Publications over the past five years

Journal articles

Rodrigues BG, Some two-weight codes invariant under the 3-fold covers of the Mathieu groups M22 and Aut(M22). Journal of Algebra and Its Applications; see

Rodrigues BG and Russo FG,  A note on the exterior centralizers and the probability of commuting pairs. To appear in Publicationes Mathematicae Debrecen

Ajmal M, Rehman MU and Rodrigues BG. Improved asymptotically optimal error correcting codes for avoidance crosstalk type-IV on-chip data buses. Computational and Applied Mathematics 42(2023), 24 pp.

Darafsheh MR, Rodrigues BG and Saeidi A. On linear codes constructed from finite groups with a trivial Schur multiplier. Mathematical Communications 28(1)(2023), 85-104

Key JD, Rodrigues BG, Codes from m-ary n-cubes Qnm: a survey. AUT J. Math. Com.,  4(1)(2023), 1-15

Knapp W, Rodrigues BG, On the binary codes of length 552 which admit the simple group Co3 as a transitive permutation group. Communications in Algebra 51(
4)(2023), 1451-1461

Mbaale X, Rodrigues BG, Zandi S, Designs from maximal subgroups and conjugacy classes of PSL(2,q), q odd. Aut J. Math. Comm. 4(1)(2023), 47-55

Key JD, Rodrigues BG, Minimal PD-sets for codes associated with the graphs Q_2^m, m even. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 34(1)(2023), 57-66

Mafuta P, Mukwembi S, Rodrigues BG, A note on connected domination number and leaf number. Discrete Mathematics 346(2)(2023), 5 pp

Le T, Rodrigues BG, On codes from the rank-3 representations of the simple Chevalley group G_2(q). Adv. Math. Comm. 17(1)(2023), 207-226

Rodrigues BG On some projective triply-even binary codes invariant under the Conway group Co1. International Journal of Group Theory. 11(1)(2022) 23-35

Rodrigues BG, Russo FG  The exterior degree of finite simple groups. Communications in Algebra 49(6)(2021) 2707-2721

Knapp WD, Rodrigues BG A useful tool for constructing linear codes. J. Algebra 585(2021),422-446

Mbaale X, Rodrigues BG Symmetric 1-designs PGL2,q), for q an odd prime power. Glasnik Matematicki. 56(76)(2021) 1-15

Rodrigues BG, Russo FG Numerical bounds for the exterior degree of finite simple groups. Communications in Algebra 49(6)(2021) 2707-2721

Key JD, Rodrigues BG Binary codes from m-ary n-cubes Q^{m}_{n}.  Adv. Math. Comm.  15(3)(2021)  507-524

Crnkovic D, Mostarc N, Rodrigues BG, Storme L s-PD-sets for codes from projective planes PG(2, 2^h), 5 \leq h \leq 9. Adv. Math. Comm 15(3)(2021) 423-440

Mbaale X, Rodrigues BG Symmetric 1-designs from PSL(2, q), for q an odd prime power. Transactions on Combin.  10(1)(2021) 43-61

Amery G, Gomani S, BG Rodrigues Designs and binary codes from maximal subgroups and conjugacy classes of M_{11}. Math. Commun.  26(2021), 159-175

Madanha SY, Rodrigues BG Finite groups with some restriction on the vanishing set. Communications in Algebra 48(12)(2020) 5474-5481

Crnkovic D, Ronan Egan, Rodrigues BG, Svob A LCD codes from weighing matrices. Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput. 32(2021) 175-189

Rodrigues BG On the classification of binary self-dual codes admitting imprimitive rank $3$ permutation groups.  Appl. Algebra Eng. Commun. Comput.  32(2021) 113—134

Moori J, Rodrigues BG, Sayedi A, Zandi S Designs from maximal subgroups and conjugacy classes of Ree groups. Advances in Mathematics of Communications 14(4)(2020) 603-611

W. Fish, N. B. Mumba, E. Mwambene and B. G. Rodrigues. Binary codes and  partial permutation decoding sets from  biadjacency matrices of  bipartite graphs \Gamma(2k,k,k+1,1). Quaestiones Mathematicae, 43(4) (2020) 523 – 538.

D Leemans and B G Rodrigues, On primitive geometries of rank two. The Art of Discrete and Applied Mathematics 2 (1) (2019), \#P1.08.

P. Dankelmann, S. Mukwembi, F.J. Osaye and B G Rodrigues. Upper Bounds on the Average Eccentricity of K_3-free and C_4-free Graphs. Discrete Applied Maths, 270, (2019), 106 - 114.

W Fish, J D Key,  E Mwambene and  B G Rodrigues. Hamming graphs and special LCD codes.  Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 61  (1-2) (2019) 461– 479.

J Moori, B G Rodrigues, A Sayedi and S Zandi. Some symmetric designs invariant under the small Ree groups. Communications in Algebra, 47(5) (2019), 2131- 2148.

J D Key and  B G Rodrigues. Special LCD codes from Peisert and generalized Peisert graphs. Graphs and Combin. 35(3) (2019), 633- 652

D Crnkovic, V. M. Crnkovic and  B G Rodrigues. On self-orthogonal designs and codes related with the simple group He of Held. Adv. Math. Comm. 12 (3) (2018), 607-628.

J D Key and  B G Rodrigues. LCD codes from adjacency matrices of graphs. Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing. 29 (3)(2018), 227- 244

B G Rodrigues. A projective two-weight code related to the simple group Co_1 of Conway. Graphs and Combin. 34 (3) (2018), 509 – 521

Alice M.W. Hui and B G Rodrigues. Switched graphs of some strongly regular graphs related to the symplectic graph. Des. Codes Cryptogr.  86 (1) (2018), 179 – 194.

D Crnkovic, B G Rodrigues, Sanja Rukavina and  Vladimir D Tonchev. Classification of quasi-symmetric 2-(64,24,46) designs of Blokhuis-Haemers type. Discrete Math. 340 (2017) 2472 – 2478

B G Rodrigues, Linear codes with complementary duals related to the complement of the Higman-Sims graph. Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. 43 (7) (2017), 2183 - 2204.

P Mafuta, S Mukwembi, S. Munyira and B G Rodrigues. Lower bounds on the leaf number in graphs with forbidden subgraphs. Quaestiones Mathematicae. 40 (1), (2017), 139 - 149.

W. Fish, N. B. Mumba, E. Mwambene and B. G. Rodrigues. Binary codes and  partial permutation decoding sets from  biadjacency matrices of  bipartite   graphs \Gamma(2k+1,m,l,i). Graphs and Combinatorics. 33(2), (2017), 356 – 368.

J Moori and B G Rodrigues, Some self-orthogonal codes related to Higman's geometry. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 23 (4), (2016), \#P4.15.

D Crnkovic, Marija Maksimovic, B G Rodrigues and S Rukavina. Self-orthogonal codes from strongly regular graphs on up to 40 vertices. Adv. Math. Comm.  10 (3), (2016), 555 - 582.

D Leemans and B G Rodrigues. Linear codes with complementary duals from some strongly regular subgraphs of the McLaughlin graph. Math. Commun. 21 (2) (2016), 239 -249.

J Moori and B G Rodrigues. A note on the affine subgroup of the symplectic group. International Journal of Group Theory, 5 (1), (2016) 37 - 51.

Conference proceedings

B G Rodrigues and T MM Shumba. Some remarks on self-dual codes invariant under almost simple permutation groups. London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series (Book 455); Groups St Andrews 2017, 469 – 485

B G Rodrigues and V D Tonchev, On quasi-symmetric 2-(64,24,46) designs derived from codes, Coding Theory and Applications, 4th International Castle Meeting, Palmela Castle, Portugal, September 15-18, 2014 Series: CIM Series in Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 3 (2015), 327- 333.


F. Nyabadza, S. Mukwembi and  B. G. Rodrigues, Graph theoretic applications to disease models, in F. Nyabadza, M. Kgosimore, E.M. Lungu (Eds.),  A Treatise of Biological Models, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2012, pp. 97- 126.

D Crnkovic, V. M. Crnkovic and  B G Rodrigues, Designs, strongly regular graphs and codes constructed from some primitive groups,  NATO Science for Peace and Security Series - D: Information and Communication Security, vol. 29 (2011), pp. 231–-252., IOS Press.

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