Dr MS (Magdaleen) Marais

E-mail: [email protected] 

Position: Exra-Ordinary Lecturer
Academic qualifications:  MSc (Stellenbosch Univ) , PhD (Stellenbosch Univ)
Research interest: Computational Algebra; Algebraic Geometry, Ring Theory

NRF rating: Y2

Publications over the past 5 years:

Journal articles

Marais MS  On the centralizer of an I-matrix in M2(R/I), I a principal ideal and R a UFD. Communications in Algebra, 42(6)(2014), 2640-2650

Marais MS  The centralizer of an I-matrix in M2(R/I), R a UFD.  Algebra Colloquium, 21(4)(2014), 615-626

Marais MS, Steenpass A  The classification of real singularities using SINGULAR. Part I: Splitting lemma and simple singularities.  Journal of Symbolic Computation, 68(1)(2015), 61-71

Marais MS, Steenpass A The classification of real singularities using SINGULAR. Part II: The structure of the equivalence classes of the unimodal singularities. Journal of Symbolic Computation 74(2016), 346-366

Marais MS, Ren Y Mora's holy grail: Algorithms for computing in localizations at prime ideals. International Journal of Algebra and Computation 25(7)(2015), 1125–1143

Böhm J, Marais MS, Steenpass A The classification of real singularities using Singular Part III: unimodal singularities of corank 2. J. Symbolic Comput. 99(2020) 250-282 

Conference Proceedings

Van der Merwe AF, Boehm J, Marais MS 3D printing dimension calibration shape: Clebsch cubic. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Mathematical Software: ICMS (2016), 117-126

Chapters in Books

Boehm J, Marais MS, Pfister G A classification algorithm for complex singularities of corank and modality up to two. Singularities and Computer Algebra. Festschrift for Gert-Martin Greuel on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday. Editors: Decker, Wolfram, Pfister, Gerhard, Schulze, Mathias (2016)

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