Prof B (Berge) Tsanou


Tel: +2712 420-4515
Fax: +2712 420-3893
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: Vetman Building 1-10

Position: Senior Postdoctoral fellow
Academic qualifications: MSc (University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon), Ph.D ( University of Lorraine, France)
Research Interest: Mathematical Biology, Modeling and Analysis

Publications over the past five years:

Journal Articles

ORCID number: 0000-0002-2298-7972

T. Berge, J.M.-S. Lubuma, M.G. Moremedi, N. Morris, R. Kondera-Shava, A simple mathematical model for Ebola in Africa, Journal of Biological Dynamics, 11:1 (2016), 42-74

Berge Tsanou, Samuel Bowong, Jean Lubuma, Joseph Mbang, Assessing the impact of the environmental contamination on the transmission of Ebola virus disease (EVD), Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing, 55 (2017) 205-243

M.L. Mann Manyombe, J. Mbang, J. Lubuma, B. Tsanou. Global Dynamics of a Vaccination Model for Infectious Diseases with Asymptomatic Carriers, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 13 (2016) 813–840

T. Berge, Samuel Bowong, Jean M.-S. Lubuma, Global stability of a twopatch cholera model with fast and slow transmissions, Mathematics and Computers in Simulation, 133 (2017) 142-164

A. Iggidr, G. Sallet and B. Tsanou, Global Stability Analysis of a Metapopulation SIS Epidemic Model, Mathematical Populations Studies, 19(2012), 115-129

P. Auger, E. Kouokam, G. Sallet, M. Tchuenté, B. Tsanou, The RossMacdonald model in a patchy environment, Mathematical Biosciences, 216(2008) 123–131

M.L. Mann Manyombe, B. Tsanou, J. Mbang, S. Bowong, A metapopulation model for the population dynamics of anopheles mosquito, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 307 (2017) 71-91

Tsanou Berge, J. Lubuma, S. Bowong, M.L. Mann Manyombe, Modeling Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) Transmissions with Reservoir in a Complex Virus Ecology, Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, 15:1(2018), 21-56

D.P. Moualeu, S. Bowong, B. Tsanou, A. Temgoua, A patchy model for the transmission dynamics of tuberculosis in sub-Saharan Africa, International Journal of Dynamics and Control, (2017) doi:10.1007/s40435-017-0310-1.

Tsanou B, Bowong S, Lubuma J, Mbang J  Assessing the impact of the environmental contamination on the transmission of Ebola virus disease (EVD)Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing 55(2017) 205-243

Tsanou B, Bowong S, Lubuma JMS, Manyombe MLM Modeling Ebola virus disease transmissions with resevoir in a complex virus life ecology. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering 15(1)(2018) 21-56

Tsanou B, Lubuma JMS, Tassé AJO, Tenkam HM Dynamics of host-reservoir transmission of Ebola with spillover potential to humans. Electronic Journal of Qualitative Theory of Differential Equations 14(2018) 1-32

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Tsanou B, Tassé AJO, Tenkam HM, Lubuma JMS Mathematical modeling of contact tracing as a control strategy of Ebola virus disease. International Journal of Biomathematics 11(7)(2018) 1-36

Tsanou B, Kamgang JC, Lubuma JMS, Danga DEH Modeling pyrethroids repellency and its role on the bifurcation analysis for a bed net malaria model. Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 136(2020) 109809 1-18J

Manyombe MLM, Mbang J, Tsanou B, Bowong JS, Lubuma JMS Mathematical analysis of a spatio-temporal model for the population ecology of anopheles mosquito. Mathematical Models in Applied Sciences 43(6)(2020) 3534-3555

Garba S, Lubuma JM-S, Tsanou B Modeling the transmission dynamics of the COVID-19 Pandemic in South Africa. Mathematical Biosciences 328(2020) 108441 1-14

Ndongo Teytsa HM, Tsanou B, Bowong S, Lubuma JMS Bifurcation analysis of a phage-bacteria interaction model with prophage induction. To appear in Accepted in Mathematical Medicine & Biology

Anguelov R, Berge T, Chapwanya M, Djoko JK, Kama P, Lubuma JM-S, Terefe Y Nonstandard finite difference method revisited and application to the Ebola virus disease transmission dynamics. To appear in Journal of Difference Equations and Applications

Conference Proceedings

A. Iggidr, G. Sallet, B. Tsanou, Metapopulation SIS epidemic model, Proceedings of the 9th African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Rabat-Morroco, October 27-30, 2008, 51-59. 

Bowong S, Kamgang JC, Tewa JJ, Tsanou B  Modelling and analysis of hepatitis B and HIV coinfections.  Proceedings of the 10th  African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics , Yamoussoukro-Ivory Cost, October 18-21, 2010, pp 109-116

Auger P, Sallet G, Tchuenté M, Tsanou B Multiple endemic equilibria for the multi-patch Ross-Macdonald model with fast migrations, Proceedings of the 10th African Conference on Research in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, Yamoussoukro-Ivory Cost, october 18-21,2010, pages 117-124


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