Prof JG (James) Raftery

Tel: +2712 420-3571
Fax: +2712 420-3893
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: Mathematics Building 1-41

Position: Professor
Academic qualifications: MA (Math), PhD(University of Natal)
NRF rating: A2

Fields of interest:  Logic, Algebra and Foundations
Research interests:  Algebra of Logic, Universal Algebra, and the theory of residuated structures

Open Access version of articles

Publications over the past five years:

Journal articles
Raftery JG  A perspective on the algebra of logic.  Quaestiones Mathematicae, 34(3)(2011), 275-325

Raftery JG  Contextual deduction theorems.  Studia Logica, 99(1-3)(2011), 279-319

Galatos N, Raftery JG  A category equivalence for odd Sugihara monoids and its applications.  Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 216(10)(2012), 2177-2192

Raftery JG  Order algebraizable logics.  Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 164(3)(2013), 251-283

Raftery JG  Inconsistency lemmas in algebraic logic.  Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 59(6)(2013), 393-406

Galatos N, Raftery JG  Idempotent residuated structures: some category equivalences and their applications. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 367(5)(2015), 3189-3223

Raftery JG  Admissible rules and the Leibniz hierarchy.  Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 57(4)(2016), 569-606

Raftery JG and Swirydowicz K Structural completeness in relevance logics. Studia Logica 104(3)(2016), 381-387

Bezhanishvili G, Moraschini T Raftery JG  Epimorphisms in varieties of residuated structures. Journal of Algebra 492(2017), 185-211

Campercholi MA and Raftery JG Relative congruence formulas and decompositions in quasivarieties.  Algebra Universalis 78(3)(2017), 407-425

Moraschini T, Raftery JG, Wannenburg JJ Varieties of De Morgan monoids: minimality and irreducible algebras. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 223(2019) 2780-2803

Moraschini T, Raftery JG, Wannenburg JJ Epimorphisms, definability and cardinalities. Studia Logica 108(2020) 255–275

Moraschini T, Raftery JG  On prevarieties of logic.  Algebra Universalis 80(37)(2019) 36-47

Moraschini T, Raftery JG, Wannenburg JJ Varieties of De Morgan monoids: Covers of atoms. Review of Symbolic Logic 13(2)(2020) 338-374

Moraschini T, Raftery JG, Wannenburg JJ  Epimorphisms in varieties of subidempotent residuated structures. Algebra Universalis 82(6)(2021) 1-26

Moraschini T, Raftery JG, Wannenburg JJ Singly generated quasivarieties and residuated structures, Mathematical Logic Quarterly 66(2)(2020), 150-172

Lavicka T, Moraschini T, Raftery JG  The algebraic significance of weak excluded middle laws.  Mathematical Logic Quarterly 68(1)(2022) 79–94 


Conference Proceedings

Raftery JG  Bridges between algebra and logic - some old and some new.  Notices of the South African Mathematical Society, 43(2)(2012), 35-56.  [Text of plenary address at the joint AMS-SAMS Congress, 2011; based on joint work with N Galatos]


Raftery JG  Universal algebraic methods for non-classical logics.  Chapter in "Hiroakira Ono on Residuated Lattices and Substructural Logics'' (N. Galatos and K. Terui, eds.), Outstanding Contributions to Logic, Volume 23, Springer, Switzerland AG, 2022, pp. 27-70.

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