Prof JG (James) Raftery

Tel: +2712 420-3571
Fax: +2712 420-3893
E-mail: [email protected]
Office: Mathematics Building 1-41

Position: Professor
Academic qualifications: MA (Math), PhD(University of Natal)
NRF rating: A2

Fields of interest:  Logic, Algebra and Foundations
Research interests:  Algebra of Logic, Universal Algebra, and the theory of residuated structures

Open Access version of articles

ORCID: James Raftery (0000-0003-1071-2506) - ORCID

Publications over the past five years:

Journal articles

Wannenburg JJ and Raftery JG, Semilinear De Morgan monoids and epimorphisms. Algebra Universalis 85(1)(2024), Article 10, 34 pages.

Fallahi A and Raftery JG, On Pretabular Extensions of Relevance Logic. Studia Logica;

Lavicka T, Moraschini T and Raftery JG,  The algebraic significance of weak excluded middle laws.  Mathematical Logic Quarterly 68(1)(2022), 79–94 

Moraschini T, Raftery JG and Wannenburg JJ,  Epimorphisms in varieties of subidempotent residuated structures. Algebra Universalis 82(6)(2021), 1-26

Moraschini T, Raftery JG and Wannenburg JJ, Epimorphisms, definability and cardinalities. Studia Logica 108(2020), 255–275

Moraschini T, Raftery JG and Wannenburg JJ, Varieties of De Morgan monoids: Covers of atoms. Review of Symbolic Logic 13(2)(2020), 338-374

Moraschini T, Raftery JG and Wannenburg JJ, Singly generated quasivarieties and residuated structures, Mathematical Logic Quarterly 66(2)(2020), 150-172

Moraschini T and Raftery JG,  On prevarieties of logic.  Algebra Universalis 80(37)(2019), 36-47

Moraschini T, Raftery JG and Wannenburg JJ, Varieties of De Morgan monoids: minimality and irreducible algebras. Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 223(2019), 2780-2803

Bezhanishvili G, Moraschini T and Raftery JG,  Epimorphisms in varieties of residuated structures. Journal of Algebra 492(2017), 185-211

Campercholi MA and Raftery JG, Relative congruence formulas and decompositions in quasivarieties.  Algebra Universalis 78(3)(2017), 407-425

Raftery JG, Admissible rules and the Leibniz hierarchy.  Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic 57(4)(2016), 569-606

Raftery JG and Swirydowicz K, Structural completeness in relevance logics. Studia Logica 104(3)(2016), 381-387

Galatos N and Raftery JG, Idempotent residuated structures: some category equivalences and their applications. Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, 367(5)(2015), 3189-3223

Raftery JG,  Order algebraizable logics.  Annals of Pure and Applied Logic, 164(3)(2013), 251-283

Raftery JG,  Inconsistency lemmas in algebraic logic.  Mathematical Logic Quarterly, 59(6)(2013), 393-406

Galatos N and Raftery JG,  A category equivalence for odd Sugihara monoids and its applications.  Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, 216(10)(2012), 2177-2192

Raftery JG,  A perspective on the algebra of logic.  Quaestiones Mathematicae, 34(3)(2011), 275-325

Raftery JG,  Contextual deduction theorems.  Studia Logica, 99(1-3)(2011), 279-319

Conference Proceedings

Raftery JG  Bridges between algebra and logic - some old and some new.  Notices of the South African Mathematical Society, 43(2)(2012), 35-56.  [Text of plenary address at the joint AMS-SAMS Congress, 2011; based on joint work with N Galatos]


Raftery JG  Universal algebraic methods for non-classical logics.  Chapter in "Hiroakira Ono on Residuated Lattices and Substructural Logics'' (N. Galatos and K. Terui, eds.), Outstanding Contributions to Logic, Volume 23, Springer, Switzerland AG, 2022, pp. 27-70.

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