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Position: Associate Professor
Academic qualifications: MSc(Wits), PhD(UOFS)

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NRF rating: C3

Eben Mare (0000-0001-5966-3296) - ORCID

Fields of interest: Numerical analysis; computational finance; quantitative risk management; pricing of derivatives

Research interests: Numerical analysis; computational finance; quantitative risk management; pricing of derivatives

Publications over the past five years:

Journal articles

Levendis A, Maré E, Pricing two-asset rainbow options with the fast Fourier transform. South African Statistical Journal 57(1)(2023), 13–25

Levendis A, Maré E, An economic scenario generator for embedded derivatives in South AfricaSouth African Actuarial Journal 22(1) (2022), 79-118

Koning FF, Swanepoel JP, Brits JD, Maré E, Suitability of the 2.5% net discount rate for quantum of damage calculations in South Africa. South African Actuarial Journal 22(1) (2022), 1-28

Venter PJ, Levendis A, Maré E, Collateralised option pricing in a South African context: A Univariate GARCH approach. Cogent Economics & Finance 10(1) (2022), 2106631

Venter PJ, Maré E, Pricing collateralised options in the presence of counterparty credit risk: An extension of the Heston–Nandi model. South African Statistical Journal 56(1)(2022) 37–51

Van Appel V, Maré E, Determining safe retirement withdrawal rates using forward-looking distributions. S Afr J Sci. 118(2022) 1-7

Venter PJ, Maré E, Price Discovery in the Volatility Index Option Market: A Univariate GARCH Approach. Finance Research Letters 44(2022) 1-9

Venter PJ, Maré E, Univariate and Multivariate GARCH Models Applied to Bitcoin Futures Option Pricing. J. Risk Financial Manag. 14(2021) 261,1-14

Venter PJ, Maré E, GARCH Option Pricing and Implied FX Volatility Indices. Studies in Economics and Econometrics 45(1)(2021) 42-52

Van Appel V, Mare E, Van Niekerk A  Quantitative guidelines for retiring (more safely) in South Africa. South African Actuarial Journal 21(2021) 75-91

Maré E, Venter PJ, To appear in ORION

Moutsinga CRB, Pindza E, Maré E, Comparative performance of time spectral methods for solving hyperchaotic finance and cryptocurrency systems. Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 145(2021) 110770

Taljaard BH, Maré E, Why has the equal weight portfolio underperformed and what can we do about it? Quantitative Finance

Pindza E and Maré E, Recent developments of discrete singular convolution methods for solving singular problems. To appear in Journal of Difference Equations and Applications

Moutsinga CRB, Pindza E, Maré E, Homotopy perturbation transform method for pricing under pure diffusion models with affine coefficients. To appear in Journal of King Saud University - Science

Pindza E, Maré E, Mba JC, Moubandjo DV, A Lagrange regularized kernel method for solving multi-dimensional time-fractional heat equations.  To appear in International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation 

De Jongh RPJ, Larney J, Maré E, Van Vuuren G, Verster T, A proposed best practice model validation framework for banks.To appear in South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences

Venter PJ, Maré E, GARCH option pricing models in a South African equity context. ORION 36(1)(2020) 1–17

Venter PJ, Maré E, Pindza E, Price discovery in the cryptocurrency option market: A univariate GARCH approach. Cogent Economics & Finance 8(2020) 1803524 1-9

Moutsinga CRB, Pindza E, Maré E, A time multidomain spectral method for valuing affine stochastic volatility and jump diffusion models. Commun Nonlinear Sci Numer Simulat 84(2020) 1-16

Moutsinga CRB, Pindza E, Mare E, A robust spectral integral method for solving chaotic finance systems. Alexandria Engineering Journal 59(2020) 601–611

Van Appel V,  Maré E, The Recovery Theorem With Application to Risk Management. South African Statistical Journal 54(1)(2020) 65-91

Venter PJ, Maré E, GARCH Generated Volatility Indices of Bitcoin and CRIX. Journal of Risk and Financial Management 13(2020) 121 1-15

Mare E VUCA Meets Covid-19 – Opportunity in crisis – Rethinking treasury. The South African Treasurer Journal (2020) 14-16

Van Appel V,  Maré E, The recovery theorem with application to risk management. South African Journal for Science and Technology 39(1)(2020) 133

Flint E, Maré E, Regime-based tactical allocation for equity factors and balanced portfolios SAAJ 19(2019) 27–52

Taljaard BH, Maré E, Considering the use of an equal-weighted index as a benchmark for South African equity investors SAAJ 19(2019) 53–70

Maré E, “Out of all the things I’ve lost, I miss my mind the most …” Mark Twain. The South African Treasurer Journal : Futureproofing Treasury (2019) 5-6

Maré E, A note on equity returns for South African investors South African Journal of Science 114(7/8)(2018) 1-2

Maré E, Risk Homeostasis and the Hamster. The South African Treasurer (2018), 4-6

Van Appel V, Maré E,  The Ross Recovery Theorem with a Regularised Multivariate Markov Chain. ORION 34(2018)(2) 133-155

Maré E, Mba JC, Pindza E, Discrete singular convolution for the generalized variable-coefficient Korteweg-de Vries equation. Quaestiones Mathematicae 40(2)(2017) 225–244

Pindza E and Maré E, Discrete singular convolution mapping methods for solving singular boundary value and boundary layer problems. Eur. Phys. J. Plus 132 (2017), 141

Maré E and Flint E Fractional Black-Scholes option pricing, volatility calibration and implied Hurst exponents in a South African context. SAJEMS 20(1)(2017), 1-14

Youbi F, Pindza E, Mare E A Comparative Study of Spectral Methods for Valuing Financial Options. Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences An International Journal 11(3)(2017), 1-12

Flint E, Maré E Fractional Black–Scholes option pricing, volatility calibration and implied Hurst exponents in South African context. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences 20(1)(2017) 1-11

De Jongh PJ, Larney J, Maré E, van Vuuren GW, Verster T A proposed best practice model validation framework for banks. South African Journal of Economic and Management Sciences 20(1)(2017) 1-15

Maré E Volatility and the Skunk. ACTSA (2017) 21-23

Sanderson LB, Maré E, De Jongh DCJ Banking regulations: An examination of the failure of African Bank using Merton’s structural model. South African Journal of Science 113(7/8)(2017) 1-7 

Flint E, Maré E Estimating option-implied distributions in illiquid markets and implementing the Ross recovery theorem. South African Actuarial Journal 17(2017) 1-28

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Mabitsela L, Maré E, Kufakunesu R  Quantification of VaR: Note on VaR valuation in the South African equity market.  Journal of Risk and Financial Management, (8)(2015), 103-126

Maré E, A Palindrome Mistake. To appear in The Southern African Treasure

E Maré Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Unintended Consequences in Finance. The Southern African Treasurer Special Issue: Treasury - the drivers of change (ACTSA in association with TMI) (2015), 4-6

Ngugi AM, Maré E, Kufakunesu R Pricing variable annuity guarantees in South Africa under a variance-gamma model. SA Actuarial Journal, 15(2015), 131-70

Nteumagné BF, Pindza E, Maré E  Applying the Barycentric Jacobi Spectral Method to price options with transaction costs in a fractional Black-Scholes framework. Journal of Mathematical Finance, (4)(2014), 35-46

Pindza E, Maré E  Sinc collocation method for solving the Benjamin-Ono equation Journal of Computational Methods in Physics, (2014), ID 392962, 8 pages

Holdsworth C, Maré E  A note on a framework to assess the required equity risk premium using cumulative prospect theory. Theoretical Economics Letters, (4)(2014), 89-90
Pindza E, Maré E  Solving the generalised regularised long wave equation using a distributed approximating functional method.  International Journal of Computational Mathematics, 2014 Article ID 178024, 12 pages

Maré E  Volatility – Ubiquitous, yet evasive.  The South African Treasurer: Special issue on Risk –Transforming Treasury (TMI Special report), 2014, 31-34

Khuzwayo B, Maré E  Aspects of volatility targeting for South African equity investors.  South African Journal for Economic and Management Sciences (SAJEMS NS), 17(5)(2014), 691-699

Pindza E, Youbi F, Mare E, Davison M Barycentric spectral domain decomposition methods for valuing a class of infinite activity levy models. To appear in Discrete and continuous dynamical system series S

Maré E, Holdsworth C  The importance of US real yields for relative equity performance.  The South African Treasurer: Special issue on Challenges in Treasury – an Outlook on Africa (TMI Special report), 2013, 21-22

Maré E, Du Preez P  A new method for Interpolating yield curve data, with applications to the South African market.  South African Journal for Economic and Management Science (SAJEMS NS), 16(4)(2013), 395-406

Pindza E, Maré E  Discrete singular convolution method for numerical solutions of fifth order Korteweg-De Vries equations.  Journal of Applied Mathematics and Physics, (1)(2013), 5-15

Holdsworth C, Maré E  Currency management in the new economy: Some explanations for USD/ZAR movements.  The South African Treasurer: Special issue on Managing Treasury in the New Economy (TMI Special report), 2012, 12-15


Conference Proceedings

Maré E  Market risk management in the context of engineering asset management.  In J Amadi-Echendu J Mathew and C Hoohlo (editors), 9th WCEAM Research Papers, Volume 1 Proceedings of the 2014 World Congress on Engineering Asset Management (Pretoria, South Africa), Springer - Lecture notes in Mechanical Engineering, 2015, 3-10, ISBN: 978-3-319-15535-7, ISSN: 2195-4356

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