2021 IE Projects Evening Webinar

Second Projects Evening Webinar


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The Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering held its second Projects Evening Webinar on Thursday, 25th of November 2021. This prestigious event showcases some of the best final-year projects of 2021. We are proud to mention that the event was attended by 302 participants.

Prof Johan W. Joubert extended a warm and enjoyable welcome to all the guests and participants who were in attendance by showing a video on the IE Department's highlights for 2021. The baton was then passed to Mrs Tsholofelo Malatji, who introduced the evening's star students.
A total of six students were selected to make presentations. These presenter finalists are as follows (in no particular order): Ms Tanna Brownlee, Mr Muhammed Jaffer, Ms Ekisha Andhee, Ms Marilee Ohlhoff, Ms Sara McInerney, and Ms Caitlin Tallack.
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Presentations by the first three students:
Presenter Project Topic
Ms Tanna Brownlee Optimising a cellar layout for a wine distribution company
Mr Muhmmed Jaffer Streamlining production planning and inventory management processes at Habot Oil
Ms Ekisha Andhee Improving the downtime caused by logistics with acceptance sampling


A 10-minute interval followed, during which Ms Elizabeth Olivier got to briefly chat to all the presenters.

Presentations by the second group of (three) students followed:
Presenter Project Topic
Ms Marilee Ohlhoff Maximising milk production at the HIllside Farm Trust diary farm over the next 10 years
Ms Sara McInerney The development of a dynamic class-based storage assignment policy to increase warehouse throughput
Caitlin Tallack Using explainable AI to reduce the uncertainty of cash-flow prediction


Prof Sarma Yadavalli (HoD of the Department) then announced the 2021 IE final year project winners in the following Categories:
Category 1: Best Project Poster
Category 2: Best Project Document 
Category 3: Best Project Presentation
The top three students in the Best Project Poster category (Category 1) were:
*Click on the name to view poster*
We want to thank and congratulate the student winners and also extend our appreciation to the poster-panel who selected the winners: Prof Olufemi Adetunji, Dr Michael Ayomoh and Mrs Tsholofelo Malatji.
The top three students in the 2nd Category (best document) were:
  • In the 3rd place: Ms Juliana Scheepers
  • In the 2nd place: Mr Omar Swart
  • In the 1st place: Ms Sara McInerney
In Category 3 (best project presentation) the top three students were selected by a panel of adjudicators and the winners were:
  • 3rd place: Mr Muhammed Jaffer
  • 2nd place: Ms Caitlin Tallack
  • 1st place: Ms Sara McInerney
We would like to thank and congratulate the students for their participation in presenting, and also extend our appreciation to the panel of adjudicators: Mr Wessel van Heerden, Mr Stanley Macmillan, Dr John Wentzel, Mr Freddy Tshikala, Dr Carin Tredoux and Mr David Crewe-Brown.
Comprehensive list of Final year Project Titles is published on this website, please click on the linked text.
The evening concluded with the option to attend one of five Breakaway Room sessions (pre-allocated on a first-come-first-serve-basis) where students could engage with various companies.
We would like to thank the following companies for their presentations and for networking with the students:
Bidvest Panalpina Logistics , DSV, Pragma Africa, Adcorp Holdings, Quinxi (Pty) Ltd and FNB.
A special Word of Thanks to everyone involved who ensured the success of the Webinar:
Prof Marne de Vries, Prof Johan Joubert, Prof Sarma Yadavalli, Prof Olufemi Adetunji, Dr Wilna Bean, Mrs Tsholofelo Malatji, Ms Elizabeth Olivier, Mr Johan Dekker, Mr Stanley Macmillan, Mr Wessel van Heerden, Dr Maria du Preez, Mr Johannes Coetzee, Mr Marius Jooste, Ms Johanna Preston, Dr John Wentzel, Mr Freddy Tshikala, Dr Carin Tredoux and Mr David Crewe-Brown.
We would also like to thank the parents, supervisors, IE staff and external examiners for guiding the students to success. We would also want to thank all the Industry partners, Alumni, UP Staff and students who attended the Webinar for their support.
The feedback received from the majority of the IE community who were in attendance, was extremely positive.
Finally, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to Multi-Media Event Trading for hosting this Webinar.
- Author Bonolo Mokoka
Published by Bonolo Mokoka

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