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If you are unsure about a career in the geospatial industry then why don't you listen to various podcasts in which interviewees give advice on job hunting, the working environment, and many other topics. All podcast are accessible at and were created by Azile Mdleleni, Cameron Green, and Victoria Rautenbach. GeoPod is also available on all your favourite platforms, such as Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify 


In Episode 1 you can listen to Frikan Erwee about his journey of becoming a developer from being a geographer.

Episode 2 focuses on Amy Wootton from Esri South Africa and her work in the business intelligence space, as well as her COVID-19 dashboards (Global:; Southern Africa: Amy also gives some great advice on building your network using LinkedIn.

In Episode 3 you can listen to Luqmaan Hassim. He is currently working at the CSIR and completing his MIT Data Science at the University of Pretoria. Luqmaan talks about his work at the CSIR in the marine management field. He also provides some great advice on being proactive in the job-hunting process. 

In Episode 4 of the GeoPod we hold an interesting chat with Jade Weideman. After completing her BScHons degree in 2018, Jade started her career in New Zealand at GBS ( Jade shares her experiences with us and also tells us about the project life cycle they follow.

In Episode 5 we interview Yashena Naidoo from the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO). Yashena speaks about the GCRO's Quality of Life Survey and some of the tools she uses daily, such as Tableau. She also tells us about some of the tips she has picked up on creating a good CV.

The final episode of Season 1, Episode 6, focuses on Yvette Bevis from Esri Australia. Yvette shares some of her wisdom about job hunting, working while studying, and the workplace. This is definitely a must-listen episode!

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