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Multidisciplinary approach to small-mammal associated zoonoses

MRI seminar room (Botany 1-5)
11:00 to 12:00
Prof. Wanda Markotter from the Center for Viral Zoonoses in the Department of Medical Virology at the University of Pretoria will deliver a presentation on her recent research.

Bats and other non-volant mammals are known to host potential zoonotic viruses. In addition to opportunistic short term surveillance, we included longitudinal surveillance combined with ecological investigations. To really understand risk of spillover to humans and other animals require a multidisciplinary approach that includes environmental, ecological and social factors that may drive disease emergence. This approach is needed to mitigate possible risk of spillover, reduce burden and improve health. Collective data is used to identify high risk periods, possible transmission routes and specific species associated with potential zoonotic viruses.

Contact: Contact Dr Heike Lutermann. Phone: 012 420-4627. Email: [email protected]