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Agbebaku DF and van der Walt JH Differential algebras of generalised functions with dense singularities. Quaestiones Mathematicae 41(2)(2018) 283–301

Anh PN, Van den Berg JE A new class of simple noetherian V-domains. The Journal of Algebra 493(2018)410–437

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Berge T, Chapwanya M, Lubuma JMS, Terefe YA A Mathematical model for Ebola epidemic with self-protection measures. Journal of Biological Systems 26(1)(2018) 107-131

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Chapwanya M, Dumont Y On crop vector-borne diseases. Impact of virus lifespan and contact rate on the traveling-wave speed of infective fronts. Ecological Complexity 34(2018) 119-133

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Van der Walt JH The universal completion of C(X) and unbounded order convergence. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 460(1)(2018) 76–97


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