The Department of Companion Animal Clinical Studies is in a unique position in Africa as it has a large number of clinical specialists, including many European and American certified specialists, that can do research on small animal and equine infectious diseases that commonly occur in Africa as well as investigate relevant anatomy, diseases and clinical conditions in African wildlife. The research is done in line with Faculty research themes and is often multidisciplinary. The research themes support post graduate student training and are driven by senior staff members.

Small Animal Medicine section research themes are babesiosis, parvo virus infection, distemper and Spirocerca lupi.
Contact person: Prof Andrew Leisewitz

Small Animal Surgery section research theme is laparoscopic wild carnivore sterilization.
Contact person: Prof Marthinus Hartman

Dental clinic research concentrates on wildlife oral and dental pathology, including cheetahs and elephants.
Contact person: Prof Gerhard Steenkamp

Equine Medicine and Surgery section research themes are African horse sickness, critical care, dynamic endoscopy and wildlife surgery including rhinos that have survived poaching incidents. 

Diagnostic Imaging section research themes include above infectious diseases, Spirocerca lupi, small animal trauma, thoracic CT and diagnostic imaging of wild carnivores.
Contact person: Dr Sumari Dancer

Anaesthesia section research themes include total intravenous anaesthesia in ruminants and wildlife.
Contact person: Dr Roxanne Buck

Clinical Pathology section research themes include haemostatic changes in infectious diseases (i.e. babesiosis, Spirocerca lupi, canine parvo virus enteritis) and inflammatory conditions (i.e. snake envenomation, bite wounds); as well as biomarkers for inflammation (i.e. acute phase proteins, flow cytometry). 
Contact person: Prof Emma Hooijberg

The Department currently has five NRF rated researchers that drive most of the research themes within the Department:

  • Prof Johan Schoeman (Small Animal Medicine): B3 rating
  • Prof Andrew Leisewitz (Small Animal Medicine): C1 rating
  • Prof Ann Carstens (Diagnostic Imaging)
  • Prof Amelia Goddard (Clinical Pathology)
  • Prof Gareth Zeiler (Anaesthesiology) 


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