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JCP-students assist at of Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre
3 May 2017

Students enrolled in the compulsory undergraduate module, Community-based Project (JCP), of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology at the University of Pretoria renovated the pool room of Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre in Pretoria into a functional storeroom.

The students, Philip Howard, Craig Edmond, Tyler Armstrong, Matthew Fast and Garfield Havemann indicated afterwards that they learnt the value of voluntary community service. Especially seeing how it is an opportunity for them to use certain talents, skills and funds to help a needy organization. They also learnt that there is a great importance in the use of safety equipment when working on certain tasks using specific tools.  They indicated that they learnt many useful problem solving techniques and how to consider everyone’s input to meet uniform solutions for tasks. They learnt perseverance, time management and that many hands make light work.

- Author Martina Jordaan
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JCP-students assist at of Whispers Speech and Hearing Centre